908, 2016

INTERVIEW: Bill Gould speaks to Futuro 88.9FM in Chile

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Faith No More’s Bill Gould spoke to Chile’s Futuro 88.9 FM about the We Care a Lot re-release and the listening party in Santiago.

2809, 2015

CONCERT: Faith No More at Santiago Gets Louder festival setlist, videos and more

September 28th, 2015|Faith No More, News|15 Comments

Faith No More brought their Sol Invictus tour South American leg to a close in their spiritual home of Santiago, Chile on Sunday night. Even with Superhero and Icarus-turned-Lazarus Mike Pattton taking to the stage in a wheelchair, the band delivered a fitting finale and a 19-song salvo.

Selfie with #puff from #faithnomore and #systemofadown @systemofadown . Had a blSt in Chile. U guys rule!!!!

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Thanks for everything Chile! Love, FNM Santiago Gets Louder Santiago, Chile 2015 Photo by @xignaciox

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¡Santiago is the greatest audience en el mundo!

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I sail these troubled waters #faithnomore #systemofadown #deftones #lambofgod

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From Out of Nowhere
Everything’s Ruined
Evidence (Spanish Version)
Black Friday
Midlife Crisis
Chinese Arithmetic
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Separation Anxiety
Ashes to Ashes

Sol Invictus
Cone of Shame
We Care a Lot








La Tercera:
Even songs from his latest work as “Superhero”, “Separation anxiety” or “Rise and Fall” seemed compositions that had spent years with the group, so that the inclusion of these in the set never felt forced


909, 2015

LINKS FOR A DAY 190: Roddy and Mike Bordin interviews; Vote FNM

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Chat show host and Faith No More keyboardist was his usual eloquent self when speaking about homophobia in an interview with Westword:

“If someone had a problem with it, I don’t think they would address that to my face. Bigotry is chickenshit, you know? The Klan wore masks because they were ashamed to show their faces. The people who would have a problem with a gay keyboard player wouldn’t do it publicly; they would talk about it behind my back. So that way, I didn’t see a whole lot of resistance. ”


Mike Bordin has given an interview for the October edition of Modern Drummer magazine. Mike speaks about the evolutionary recording process, the band’s musical language and getting a second chance as Faith No More.
Get the magazine on iOS, Android or Google Play here


There will also be an online Q and A published soon


Mike also spoke to Chilean radio station Rock and Pop for a radio interview:
Full interview here


Faith No More have been nominated in the Album of the Year category for the Classic Rock  Roll of Honour awards – for Sol Invictus not Album of the Year.
You can and should and must vote here

2015-09-09 13_28_37-The Classic Rock Roll Of Honour



Friend of the site Jim Brown from Faith No More Followers has been digging deep into his exhaustive Faith No More magazine archive for some great articles recently – and right at the bottom of this one is a possibly apocryphal letter to Rolling Stone from Mike Patton’s mother from September 1990.
She said: “FNM is a group of hard-voicing, talented and creative musicians who are responsible and intelligent young men with keen senses of humour.”

3108, 2015

INTERVIEWS: Mike Patton speaks to La Tercera and Bill Gould to La Nacion about upcoming tour and future plans

August 31st, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|2 Comments

As the band gear up to their live return (Jimmy Kimmel on 3 September, Bumbershoot and Red Rocks on 6 and 8 September, and Central and South America from 15 September), they are back on the promo trail.

First up, Bill Gould has spoken to Costa Rican paper La Nación about the band’s first visit and future plans:

How many times have you come to Costa Rica?
20 times. I have friends who live in Nicoya and have travelled the whole area, and a little San Jose. You have a great country.

What are your plans for after the tour: will you continue as a band or return to personal projects?
We now operate in steps and at the end of each step, we sat down to talk. At the end of tour we will see what we do. There is no right answer, no wrong answer. What we are going to work must have everyone on the same page.

I also loved this from Bill:

How do you feel when a young man approaches them to tell them they were the favorite band of his father? We are hearing of these cases more often. It’s odd, funny, makes me laugh, because we never saw us as a band would be playing in these times: if you look old and I have to be a grandfather, which makes me weird. It’s a good thing we did hear a difference to the people long ago, but what matters to me is that while we’re inspired, we will continue to do so.

And Mike Patton has spoken to Chile’s La Tercera ahead of the band’s return to their spiritual home for the Santiago Gets Louder festival on 27 September.
2015-08-31 13_33_44-Entretención _ LA TERCERA

Mike said:

“Over the years Chile has become a very special place for us, and we hope that this relationship will continue. We are obviously eager to play our new songs there.”

He also spoke about the positive reception for Sol Invictus:

“The mere fact that people still interested in us, after all these years, is encouraging. Well, that the disc has been received so positively was something extra that surprised us. We always hope that people enjoy and can feel inspired or even brought to our music, but we are also very realistic. We know we can not control the reactions and expectations of people, and that music is a subjective and personal experience to the listener. I think, in other words, we can not please everyone!”

And Mike also partly agreed that the band are now more popular than ever:

“I partially agree with that view. While I cannot say that I understand fully why this idea seems to be true. If you force me to give an answer, I think it has to do with nostalgia or some “vintage mystique” that people identify us. Or maybe they were just having the opportunity to see us 20 years ago who knows. To be honest, I’m not sure if people understood our music at the time, or if they do now,  but what is more important is whether our songs are capable of transmitting a feeling, an emotion or idea.”

Mike also spoke briefly about his future plans:

“Right now I’m totally dedicated and committed to Faith No More, of course, but that does not mean that you are not working on other adventures. Now I’m involved with a new project called Nevermen group. Our first album will be released later this year. And there are other things out there in the oven too.”


2608, 2015

LINKS FOR A DAY 189: Puffy’s Stairway to Heaven; Bill Gould interview; Jimmy Kimmel; FNM beer; more Matt Wallace

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Mike Bordin was almost in Led Zeppelin

Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin almost became a touring member of Led Zeppelin in 1991. I hadn’t spotted this story before but Robert Plant had wanted to get Mike B in as drummer for a Led Zep reunion in the early 90s. The story appears in Mick Wall’s When Giants Walked the Earth: A Biography Of Led Zeppelin:

In January 1991, their reputation freshly bolstered by the release three months before of the acclaimed, best-selling 4CD Remasters box set, Page, Plant and Jones were back together sitting around a table discussing the possibility of a money-spinning reunion, albeit on a strictly temporary basis. Much to his chagrin, Jason Bonham – who had played on Page’s Outsider as well as the Atlantic show – was excluded from these deliberations, with Plant now pushing for the more fashionable Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin to be offered the job. Once again, the plan started to unravel almost as soon as it was decided upon, with Plant getting cold feet when the others began to express reservations about using the young. dreadlocked FNM drummer. “What you’ve got to remember,” an insider told me, “is that Robert is used to having his own way now. He can’t bear to go back to the days when Jimmy and Jonesy made all the major decisions about the music.”

Bill Gould interview for HoyxHoy Chile

Bill Gould has given an interviewing to Chilean paper HoyxHoy looking ahead to the band’s Santiago Gets Louder appearance on 27 September.

Faith No More beer?

Officially licensed beers have led to even more money on tap for the likes of AC/DC and Iron Maiden. Now a Faith No More beer. I doubt that this is officially endorsed by the band and the name may not even reference the group but an Oregon brewery has produced a beer called Faith No More. The American Pale Ale is produced by micro-brewery Solera Brewery though there is no information on it on the brewery site.

Currently on tap at #solerabrewery. #beer #parkdale #oregonbeer

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Get Jimmy Kimmel tix

Faith No More will play a mini-concert for the Jimmy Kimmel show on Thursday, 3 September. Get you tickets here.

Matt Wallace on Sol Invictus

Matt Wallace has given another revealing interview to Gear Gods.
As always, Matt provides some interesting insights and this is my favourite part:

Bill is the engine that has pushed forward to create the impetus and the ‘space’ for the rest of FNM to find their own, natural and organic connection and contribution in the process. After that Mike Patton became more of the driving force/director of the process to ensure that his vision as to how his voice fit within the musical soundfield created by the band. All in all, it was an intense but very well thought-out process.

2805, 2015

Links for a day…177: Hudson interview; Korn love; two full concerts, more reviews and win a snowboard

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Rock Hudson rock

Our friends at FNM4ever have posted a clip of the interview that Chilean radio station Rock and Pop recently conducted with Jon Hudson.

Munky likes Sol Invictus

Korn guitarist Munky re-iterated his love for Faith No More when interviewed by Loudwire recently.

I feel like we did, actually I just saw you the other night at Faith No More out in Los Angeles. It was a frickin’ phenomenal show.
They can do no wrong by me. They sound great. I like their new stuff, too. It fits right in with the old stuff, I think.
They could have put out a turd and we’d be like, ‘That’s awesome!’
I think everyone is so excited to hear them and see them playing together again, I know a couple of the guys, they’re great guys and phenomenal musicians. To me, they’re not a metal band. They always say they’re not a metal band. I’ve always kind of felt that way about Korn.
They inspired Fieldy and I to start a band and start playing. That was back in 1987, so it’s inspiring that not only are they still going, but they sold out that place three nights in a row. It gives guys like me hope. [Laughs]

Faith No More at the London Forum 1995

Faith No More return to London in two weeks (FNM 2.0 will be there) and FNM4ever have unearthed a full London show from 1995 for your election.

Faith No More in London 2012

And our friends at Evergig have put together one of their trademark synced and crowd-sourced videos of Faith No More’s show at the Brixton Academy on 10 July 2012.

Win a Faith No More snowboard

A great promo here from TestPress.

Another 8/10 review in Germany

Danke again to Mira for her translation of this excellent review of Sol Invictus in German magazine Rock Hard.

Review from Rock Hard magazine #337, out in shops now

Self-irony is a lovely thing. Apart from that: As ‘aggressive’ as FNM present themselves in recent photos (grey-haired gentlemen in suits) ‘Sol Invictus’ sounds. Despite the incredibly high expectations regarding their first album in 18 years, the alternative-pioneers around Mike Patton are taking it easy. On the face of it, it appears they might have smoked pot in the studio, because of the subtle humour of the lyrics, bizarre phrases like ‘Sunny side up’ from the world of fried eggs used in a completely different context and some inventive sound effects which surprise the listener every now and then. In reality, it was surely concentrated work not to overload the album, nor to let mankind’s expectations get to them. Three years they worked secretly and stress-free in bassist Billy Gould’s studio and added endless musical styles to their very own sound, while Mike Patton wheezes, whispers and shouts as if he gave a damn about record sales. This impertinence has always characterised FNM since their heyday. Sure, they had a little more youthful vigour before, but Mike Bordin’s ingenious groove is still there, the coolness as well. And that’s the most important thing about Faith No More. Sunglasses and a broad grin put on – and speakers up in the city traffic. The album has it, even without an obvious smash hit. (8/10; Holger Stratmann)

More reviews

A very good one from the site that makes Fox news look like the Socialist Worker, Breitbart. Gutcheck gives a good take-down of the archetypal Sol Invictus review before saying some good things:

“You can never tell how great their records are, because it’s a long game with them. Their songs don’t ever knock you over instantly. Instead they present themselves, and as you listen – melodies, riffs, and infectious parts burrow into your noggin – and bother you months later. FNM didn’t really become one of my favorite all time bands until after I’d had all their records for a couple of years. And realized I was playing them every day.

Every album works like that. Reviewing a FNM album should take place a year after purchase. The same thing with kids.”

And adding:

“Sol Invictus works like your basic FNM record: the sequencing is an artful job, hustling you politely through all the gentle, harsh, weird surprises that follow – and then when it’s over, you get back on the ride and start over, just like Space Mountain. When I first heard “Motherf*cker,” I dismissed it as a stunt. But it makes sense somehow among its peers. The album makes the song great.

My favorite song is a bouncy racket called Black Friday. Hard to explain if you had to – but it’s a song only this band could do. The clapping gives it a Monkees, Neil Diamond feel that is something new for a group used to fiendish vibes.”

Soundblab also give a positive review and an 8/10 score stating:

“A brief look at the tracklisting will tell you that with titles such as ‘Motherfucker’, ‘Separation Anxiety’ and ‘Black Friday’, the attitude is here. Hell, even ‘Sunny Side Up’ is snarling and pumping its way into your synapses by hook or by crook.”‘I’d like to peel your skin off,” Mike Patton howls through the slow-building and punishing ‘Cone of Shame’ – so much for being comfortable in middle-age… At less than 40 minutes, this is a short, sweet and wonderful return. More is promised from the band and what is here leaves you glad of that.”

And the The Music Enthusiast weigh in with their detailed review. They say:

“Regurgitation is a word that certainly cannot apply to Sol Invictus, Faith No More’s first studio album in eighteen years; and that creative genius is firing on all cylinders throughout the ten tracks that comprise it.

Perhaps, Sol Invictus will be the first in another string of albums, or maybe it will stand as the pièce de résistance on an already illustrious career, a career that possibly may see this second coming run its course sooner rather than later.

Whichever path the road takes them down, one thing stands for sure: they’ve created a new record that has no trouble holding its own against any of their revered classics…Sol Inivctus fits snuggly against their products of the nineties, pulling off innovation in the music as they prove there are still some boundaries to push; the at times abstract lyrics that Patton and the rest of the band are known for writing being sharp as ever, and engrossing to listen to.”


2005, 2015

CHARTS: Faith No More number 3 in German midweek charts; number 1 in Europe on iTunes

May 20th, 2015|Faith No More, News|1 Comment

Faith No More looks set for a high chart placing in Germany according to the official midweek figures for the German album charts which have just been released.

Faith No More’s Sol Invictus is number 3 in the midweek chart behind two other new entries from former Eurovision winner Lena and Andreas Gabalier.
The official full chart is published on Friday.


Putting that German performance into context, FNM’s best ever chart performance in Germany saw Album of the Year reach number 2 in 1997. Angel Dust and King for a Day both peaked art number 8 and The Real Thing at only 37.

One more curio from Germany. Superhero is currently number 15 in the Indie Disko Top 40. This is an official chart in Germany based on DJ, radio and college DJ plays. This was up from 36 the week before.


No figures from Australia but The Music reports that Faith No More are in a battle for the number one spot in the ARIA chart. They report:.

“Veteran US rock group Faith No More just yesterday released their first studio album in eighteen years, Sol Invictus, but they may have to contend with a certain Aussie duo for glory on this week’s ARIA Album Charts.
While the San Fran founded quintet look to clinch a top three spot, electronic group Hermitude are in a similar spot after the release of their fifth studio album, Dark Night Sweet Light.
It will be a very interesting week for sales and we gave both albums glowing reviews, while Hermitude received our pick for album of the week”


Faith No More remain number one in 7 countries in the iTunes album chart – and are number one in Europe and number 2 globally on the kworb chart of overall chart peformance (not sales) on iTunes. At present, they are number one in Chile, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Norway, Poland and Slovakia and number 8 in the US.


As we reported yesterday, Faith No More’s Sol Invictus is on target for a number 3 placing in the official UK album chart. It is unlikely to catch fellow new entries Brandon Flowers or Paul Weller for the number one or two spot and will have to hold off competition from toff banjo bandits Mumford and Sons and non-dance dance act Hot Chip for the number 3 slot.




1505, 2015

CHARTS: Faith No More Sol Invictus in top 10 in iTunes charts in 8 countries

May 15th, 2015|Faith No More, News|6 Comments

On the day it is released to most of the world (sorry US and UK fans), Faith No More’s Sol Invictus is making significant chart impact in Europe and Australia – and Chile, (always Chile!).

The album is number 1 in Luxembourg and #3 in Australia and Chile.

Here’s the full list

#1 Luxembourg
#3 Australia
#3 Chile
#5 Norway
#6 Finland
#6 New Zealand
#8 Ireland
#8 Switzerland
#11 Germany
#14 Belgium
#18 Hungary
#21 Netherlands
#29 Austria
#43 Russia
#48 Denmark
#70 Brazil
#78 Italy
#91 United States
#91 Belarus
#106 Poland
#116 Czech Republic
#121 Slovakia
#147 Canada
#148 Bulgaria

1105, 2015

NEW TOUR DATE: Faith No More confirm Chile festival

May 11th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|0 Comments

As we have reported several times over the past week, Faith No More will headline the Santiago Gets Louder festival in Chile on 27/28 September – and the band have now confirmed it.


1105, 2015

LISTEN to FAITH NO MORE SOL INVICTUS stream: Find out where you can listen in your country

May 11th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Sol Invictus reviews|8 Comments

Faith No More‘s first album in 18 years Sol Invictus is finally available for STREAMING.

Here is where you can listen around the world from 11 May:

US – NPR  (11 May) and Pandora (13 May)
Chile – Rock & Pop
Canada – Exclaim!
France – Deezer

Germany, Austria and Switzerland – PIAS
Also Switzerland SRF

Netherlands 3voor12
Poland  CGM
Czech Republic 
Italy Rolling Stone
Serbia Nocturne
Hungary Recorder
Chile Rock & Pop
Colombia El Tiempo
Uruguay El País
Peru El Comercio
Finland Rumba
Belgium HUMO
Argentina Rock & Pop
Brazil Folha de Sao Paulo
Greece Popaganda
Bolivia El Comercio
Ecuador El Comercio / El tiempo
Venezuela El tiempo

Buy it!

Pre-order bundles, including limited edition vinyl, are available now via in North America and in Europe.  Digital pre-orders, featuring instant downloads of “Motherfucker” and “Superhero” available here:

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