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1908, 2016

WATCH: Faith No More (Chuck Mosley and Friends) at Great American Music Hall video round-up

August 19th, 2016|Faith No More, News, Video vault|2 Comments

For those who eschew the privacy-menacing net neutrality threatening walled garden that is Facebook, here is a YouTube rip of the full show from Chuck Mosley and Friends last night together with a playlist of the fan videos uploaded so far.

(c) Stuart Fitzgerald

(c) Stuart Fitzgerald

Full show

Play list

1908, 2016

WATCH: Re-live Chuck Mosley and Friends in San Francisco

August 19th, 2016|Faith No More, News|1 Comment

Re-watch the show from the Great American Music Hall via the Faith No More Facebook page here






1808, 2016

LIVE: Faith No More aka Chuck Mosley and Friends live from San Francisco details

August 18th, 2016|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

Chuck Mosley and Friends will be live streaming their concert tomorrow night at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and on 20 August from The Troubadour in Los Angeles from their Facebook page.

Broadcast time for tonight’s show is o630 in London (Friday), 0230 in Santiago (Friday) and 1530 in Sydney (Friday)
Check out your time zone here

Poster by Violet Bordin

Tickets for San Francisco

Tickets for Los Angeles


1708, 2016

Chuck Mosley and Friends aka Faith No More v1.0 to play We Care a Lot live in San Francisco and Los Angeles

August 17th, 2016|Faith No More, News|3 Comments

Faith No More have announced that Chuck Mosley and Friends – Chuck, Bill Gould, Roddy Bottum, Mike Bordin and Jon Hudson will play two shows this week to mark the deluxe band reissue of We Care a Lot.

Aug 18 – San Francisco – Great American Music Hall


Aug 20 – Los Angeles – Troubadour


WE CARE A LOT – Deluxe Band Edition – 2LP/CD

KoolArrow Records — Available August 19, 2016

308, 2016

Links for a Day 198: Anne from Anne’s Song speaks and more

August 3rd, 2016|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|1 Comment

Anne from Anne’s Song Speaks

Well done to Matty P Radio who managed to track down the eponymous Anne from Faith No More’s Anne Song for an interview on their Blog Talk Radio show. From 02 hours 15 minutes onwards.

Metal Hammer lists the top 10 Faith No More metal songs

Metal bible Metal Hammer states:

One band who have been defying genre conventions since day one are sound wizards and all-round rock gods Faith No More. Their brand of rock, pop, lounge, funk (and whatever else takes their fancy) loaded onto a heavy metal base, is quite the concoction – an eclectic brew that the alternative metal genre was made for. And while some of these ten tracks may feature elements of other musical styles, their core is still one of rock solid heaviness.

Chuck Mosley in Kuztown photos

Chuck Mosley played a free intimate acoustic show at Young Ones Records in Kutztown on Tuesday, 12 July 12 as part of his “Reintroduce Yourself: An Evening with Chuck Mosley” tour. And Nepa Scene and Keith Perks have posted a gallery from the show:

Hindustan Times shows zeal of new FNM fan

There may be nothing new in this Hindustan Times piece detailing the many wonders of Faith No More but the passion of becoming a FNM fan shines through.

308, 2016

New Chuck Mosley music on new Indoria album

August 3rd, 2016|News, Other bands|0 Comments

Former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley appears as vocalist on You’ll Never Make The Six, the new release from Cleveland’s Indoria.

The official release for the band’s fourth album is 30 August but you can sample a selection of tunes below. The album features an expanded role for Mosley, who joined the band late in the recording process of their previous release.

Pre-oder the album here

Indoria are: Chuck Mosley-vocals, guitar
Douglas Esper-vocals, percussion
Michele Esper-vocals
Adam Probert-bass
Donald Spak-guitar

Meanwhile, the aforementioned Doug (vocalist, percussionist, manager, writer) spoke to Jim from FNM Followers yesterday about the record and Chuck’s US and European tour.
Check out the full article for a great read but here is a choice cut on the Indoria record we’ve purloined:

The new Indoria album ‘You’ll Never Make The Six’ is due for release in the UK in September through InfiniteHive. Chuck has a role on every track. What can we expect to hear?

So, three years ago we released the disc, There’s A Gleam. Chuck came in to do guest vocals on a song and we realized that he and my wife (Michele, vocalist for Indoria) sound awesome together. Adam Probert (bass, engineer, founder of Indoria) and I pitched him an idea the next year about doing a one-off studio project focused on mellower/acoustic tunes that he and she would sing. He agreed. We started writing and demoing stuff in late 2014-ish. By mid 2015 we had several songs “ready” to record.
Now, Chuck lives life on his own terms, at his own pace, on his schedule. So we sat and waited a while, but ultimately the itch to make more music won over and thus Indoria started working on new material. When Chuck became available the songs had all sort of blurred together, so we decided to just put it out under the Indoria moniker. I sing a couple, Chuck sings a couple, and my wife sings a couple and then we each do background and smaller parts on each other’s tunes.
In April of 2016 Chuck and I started practicing for his acoustic tour. During one of those practices he started noodling around with a song he had played at a coffee shop a few times doing solo shows. Not knowing what it was, I started slapping the conga (not a euphemism). Chuck asked me to keep the beat and we played it several times that day and we’ve performed it at every acoustic show thus far. We did a break-neck paced recording of the song and added some extra instrumentation by Donald Spak on sort of a lead guitar part and Chuck doing a few “noise” guitar parts. We added it onto the Indoria disc, though it really is a Chuck Mosley tune with a little of our flavor added.
Outside of that, the disc has six new songs that range from 80’s British synth rock minus the synth, folk, rock, pop, and even a lullaby. My five-year-old son provides guest vocals on one of the tunes, which means a lot to me as the song is about missing family while out on the road. There is a remix of the first song we did with Chuck on the American version of the disc, but we are cooking up an exclusive UK edition through InfiniteHive which will have more bonus tracks, remixes by some people you’ll recognize, and possibly a live version of Bella Donna the new song we’ve been playing on Chuck’s acoustic tour. That is, if you guys would want that? Hell, the photos by Jay Byrd that we used for the booklet are stunning enough, the music is just a bonus really.

2807, 2016

Chuck Mosley on tour belated round-up

July 28th, 2016|Faith No More, News|1 Comment

Chuck Mosley has just finished the first leg of a month-long tour of the US ahead of the release of his Demos for Sale and of course the We Care a Lot re-release.

Apologies for missing most of this when we were on hiatus but here’s an update.

2403, 2016

LINKS FOR A DAY 197: Mike Bordin interview, new Chuck release, Record Store Day release

March 24th, 2016|Faith No More, Links for a day|15 Comments

Mike Bordin interview with Alternative Press

Alternative Press has just published a video interview with Mike Bordin recorded at the Aftershock Festival last year. Mike is as eloquent as insightful as ever as he discusses Sol Invictus.

Chuck Mosley limited edition

Chuck Mosley has put together a limited edition special release of Demos For Sale, a collection of demos and b-sides and alternate versions of tracks from his 2009 release Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food.

Chuck says:  “While it was a great record for what it was, and a lot of people love it, Will Rap Over Hard Rock turned into a monster that I let get completely out of control with overdubs, over-production, my live tracks getting redone by God knows who.. Demos for Sale, is a choice version of the LP, before it mutated into Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food, a little closer to how we wanted it to be – live, dirty and punk rock.”

The LP will release July 15th, on CD and limited edition vinyl LP formats, with a pre-order to launch in March. Mosley will hit the road in May, and tour through 2016 on the REINTRODUCE YOURSELF: An Evening with Chuck Mosley tour, an intimate acoustic tour playing a retrospective of songs from his storied career.

You can also pick up a nifty red vinyl for just $29.99

Record Store Release

Rhine Records are again mining their Faith No More vaults for Record Store Day UK and have put together a  7″ Colored Vinyl special release of I Started a Joke which features the original by the Bee Gees and the cover by Faith No More as part of their Side by Side series.
Full details here

Epic Thomas the Tank Engine remix

There is seemingly nothing that Epic cannot be mashed up with – the latest exhibit is this mix of the FNM hit and the theme tune from the cartoon adaptation of Thomas the Tank Engine.

1606, 2015

INTERVIEW: Chuck Mosley on new music, the Detroit show and Sol Invictus

June 16th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|9 Comments

We are absolutely delighted to be able to feature an exclusive interview with Chuck Mosley. The former Faith No More singer is releasing a new demo shortly and speaks to us about joining Faith No More on stage at their Detroit show last month and about Faith No More’s new material.

How are things going for you? You looked to be in good shape onstage in Detroit.

Chuck Mosley: Doing okay. Still fighting through the same old personal issues with money and trying to plug along. On the VUA side, still without a label or distribution or booking or merchandising, so if you’re reading this and need a band to work with, email us now: [email protected]. We are demoing new songs and want to get on the road in front of crowds, so help us make money for you.

Were you surprised by the outpouring of support earlier this year, when you made your difficult plea for help?

Yeah, me and my family were overwhelmed by the support. Even people who weren’t in a position to give, donated or emailed and called just to let me know we were in their thoughts. Brian Paone, an author from Japan reached out and got me involved in a short story collection, “A Matter of Words” that’s being released later this year by ScoutMedia. Doug [Esper] and I wrote an essay about the song, “Mark Bowen” which will appear in the book. Sean Franklin, an audio engineer who works with some big name people, offered some mastering and production work on future music, Ben Brown made a huge donation and offered feedback on some of the new demos. Donn Wobser and Christopher Juhl helped me keep a positive attitude and offered support up in Detroit. Indoria, a band that I had recently recorded with, are donating 100% of all downloads of the song I sang on, “What I feel” to me and my family. It’s linked at

All that being said, it’s day to day and I hope it’s not too late. We moved into a much smaller apartment because Sophie, my youngest daughter, just graduated High school and is getting prepped for college. I’m trying to make ends meet to pay for that, so it’s sorta scary, right now. We have 2 albums available for download for donations. Any amount is a huge help. We have CDs for sale at cdbaby.

It’s been several years since the VUA disc came out and two years since you released the demo version. Do you have any plans to revisit older tunes?

The only solid thing on the docket right now is to release another demo of upcoming material. For those that don’t know, we did release another demo song a few months back titled, “Ericalution” it is a very different sound than other VUA songs and it is also available at the bandcamp site. Hope you dig it, but if you don’t, hey you’re only out a buck. Maybe 10,000 people will rush out and download our stuff, give us a chance, and everything will work out.

The other tune, which we will release this week is a lot more VUA sounding, like a hard rock tune.

[We’ve heard this and love it and hope to share it soon]

Are you working on anything outside of VUA?

I’ve been writing songs on my acoustic, but I’m not sure yet if the material is fitting VUA or maybe something totally different. I just want to follow the path of my heroes like Iggy Pop and Johnny Cash. Play music my whole life and eke out a meager living. I don’t have any grand dreams of becoming rich. I just want to play and take care of my family. I also had an idea about an old school hip-hop project…

You recently took the stage during an encore at a Faith No More concert in Detroit. How did that come about and what can you tell us about the experience?

Well, I had texted back and forth with Roddy that I wanted to come see them. Detroit was the closest show. I wanted to bring my family, but my daughter’s prom was that night, so I drove up with friends. On the way, I half-jokingly texted Roddy that I’d come up and sing an old tune. One of the ones I knew pretty well. He shot back and said how about ‘Mark Bowen’. After I got through the “what was I thinking?” nerves, I just remembered how fun it was to perform with them. This is the second time I’ve done it since they reformed. I’ve had a recurring nightmare, ever since they fired me, that they would invite me back to perform and I would hide in the shadows, cower under the speakers, and just do really bad. I’ve woken up from that dream countless times over the last 20 years, but I think it worked out well. I mean, yeah I fucked up a couple of lines, but I got good feedback from the people that were there in the crowd and in the moment that said it was a thrill for them.

We didn’t do a sound-check or practice at all and people enjoyed it, but due to the joys of YouTube and Yahoo [the show was broadcast live on Yahoo] you can go watch it over and over and analyze every second of it.

Bottom line it was a lot of fun. Roddy and me were talking and he mentioned that it’s always emotional when we get onstage again together. We had our rough patch after the break up, you know, after our divorce. Especially with me and Billy and Mike Bordin, but since then VUA has played shows with Billy’s band The Talking Book and he got onstage with us. It’s really good to just hang with him and Mike. It really warms the cockles of my heart to get along with them. Billy and I go way back to our first band The Animated and even before that just going to shows.

Before you took the stage, Mike Patton gave you a really nice and respectful introduction. How did it make you feel to hear that?

To be honest, I didn’t hear it. I was backstage all freaked out and nervous. I couldn’t even get dressed into the white outfit properly. Michele noticed I had my pants on backwards just a few seconds before I was supposed to go up there. Mike has always given me props and had words of encouragement every time I see him. He’s always been really nice. It seems sincere and cool and I have nothing but props for him. One thing I always admit is he has a great voice and is a strong singer. He is a better singer than me. I tell him that but he is always humble about it. When I started as a singer, I took pride in my originality and have developed to the point that I have a good tone.

Did you bring your own white outfit to match the band?

No, and when I was going to leave, I had it stuffed in my bag. Tim’s [Moss] assistant asked me “Did you put your outfit back?” and I tried to tell her I did as she is eyeballing the sleeves hanging out of my bag. I would’ve loved to have those to use as my new pajamas. It’s a cool look. The whole stage set up was a real neat look.

It seemed like you had a great reaction from the fans before, during, and after the show, where you surprised by the reaction?

It certainly isn’t something that happens to me every day on the street, but if you get a concentrated group of Faith No More fans together, there’s a good chance at least half of them are bound to know who I am. It’s an ego boost for sure. It’s a really nice feeling.

Have you had a chance to hear the new Faith No More album yet?

Only the two singles and what they played live that night, though again, I was deep in my own head trying to remember lyrics. I’m a vinyl guy and it was delayed in the States. I don’t do the whole iTunes thing or collect music that way. I’ll give it a listen soon. I want to hear the full album in order.

What did you think of Roddy’s verses on the lead single, Motherfucker?

I’m a big fan of Imperial Teen so I’m used to him singing. I thought it was cool. He’s been singing since I’ve been in bands. I think it’s always better to have more than one person in a band that can sing because it adds more dimensions to the band. They should do more of it.

Do you have any messages to the fans overseas in Europe, South America, Asia, Australia etc. that haven’t seen you live on their soil in over two decades that Faith No More2.0 can send out for you?

If there are any fans of mine out there in 2.0-land I want to say thank you for any support you’ve thrown my way. I hope you enjoy the new single coming out. We are calling it, “Hard drivin’ rock tune, the untimely death of a loved one.” Reach out to me and VUA on Facebook and say hi. We are trying, trying, trying to make it to your neck of the woods. We want to play everywhere and we are looking for support to help make it happen. I totally appreciate all of your appreciation and I love you all.

Thanks to Douglas Esper – and of course to Chuck.

905, 2015

RELIVE Faith No More in Detroit: Yahoo! Live stream and videos

May 9th, 2015|Faith No More, News|12 Comments

You can still replay the Yahoo! Live show of Faith No More at the Filmore, Detroit HERE

or below

And here are some videos

Chuck Mosley only here!




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