2104, 2010

Links for a day…(vol. 57)

April 21st, 2010|Links for a day|11 Comments

  • Warfield posters are on sale at Secret Serpents.
  • More media love for Faith No More’s Coachella performance. Here’s the Examiner review. Sample quote: “I wanted this to be so good, and with only 50 minutes to perform, they had to nail it and nail it quickly. Good news is they did, and every song was something to be marveled at.”
  • And here is Beat Crave: “Comedy aside, it was a stellar set, with the band burning through pre-Patton hits like the synth-woozed crunch of “We Care a Lot” and, of course, the slam-bang rap-rock kinetics of “Epic,” all with the energy and dedication to creating an experience that bands half their age would be hard-pressed to muster.”
  • And MSN’s Reverb blog: “Singer Mike Patton, hair slicked back, dressed in a pressed red jumpsuit that matched the IMAX-screen-sized red velvet curtain behind the band, struck arm-outstretched poses like an Italian opera divo, snarling and crooning through the band’s extensive catalog. His mercurial voice was ballasted by FNM’s towering low-end rhythm section of bassist Billy Gould and drummer Mike Bordin.”
  • Meanwhile, more Mondo Cane news. The Wroclaw Poland date for 22 July we previously reported has now been confirmed. Ticket details here.
  • And Mike will fittingly also bring Mondo Cane to Italy, on 25 July at the Jazzin’ Festival in Milan. Tickets from ticketone.
  • New Jersey’s Aquarian Weekly has a review of the Mondo Cane release, due out on 4 May: “It’s a wonderful cross section of Italian pop that the many-talented vocal acrobat has curated on this release, and Mondo Cane is a warm love letter to Italian music that Patton has highlighted for his cultish audience.”
2004, 2010

Faith No More at Coachella from another angle

April 20th, 2010|Faith No More, News|11 Comments

Courtesy of Greg Gould, here is a very unique perspective on Faith No More at Coachella, as filmed from the side of the stage.

Greg’s channel
And here is Greg’s Coachella recap:
All ©Greg Gould

2004, 2010

Another new Mike Patton interview

April 20th, 2010|Faith No More|5 Comments

Just too late for the Links for a day earlier but probably worth a post on its own is news that LA Weekly have interspersed some segments of a pre-Coachella interview with Mike Patton they helped conduct for the festival’s CAMP magazine with a review of Faith No More’s Indio SHOW.
Sample quote: “With Faith No More, even though we’re a bunch of old men, what I remember about our best shows is some sort of confrontation with the audience. I didn’t even have to think about it … When we started doing these shows, that element about what I do when I perform came back. It’s not planned, it’s not thought out. I really even sometimes think to myself, ‘Hey let’s just play the show tonight, don’t be an asshole, don’t pick a fight, don’t do this, don’t do that…’ and then things happen, you know?”

More Patton quotes including who he was looking forward to seeing at the festival and full LA Weekly article.

2004, 2010

Links for a day…(vol. 56)

April 20th, 2010|Links for a day|2 Comments

As the dust settles on Warfield and Coachella a few more links, though not without a few more Coachella reviews thrown in.

  • Here’s a new Patton interview from Bloody Disgusting. All about his love of horror film music (thanks to Kristina for the spot).
  • Great almost reverential detailed review from the guys at Sample quote: “They were soulful and sweet when they wanted to be, open and engaging to the audience to help stir up their interest and razor-sharp focused when they needed to be. Faith No More absolutely owned their Coachella Stage performance, turning what seemed an adversarial crowd into an excited one.”
  • Speaking about reverential, love this quote from The New York Times’ august review: “Mr. Patton, 42, crowd-surfed as he sang Michael Jackson’s ballad “Ben.””
  • ChinaShop have a great review too, with a wonderful selection of photos and this killer quote: “It was like watching long-lost lovers run towards each other across a festival field, arms outstretched, and then beat the living piss out of one another.” Some non-Patton photos here for a change:
  • Rewinding a little our good friends at RockMidgets have very detailed reviews of Faith No More’s Australian sidewave shows complete with some brilliant galleries. Here’s the Melbourne two-part review and the Sydney and Melbourne Soundwave reviews.
1804, 2010

Faith No more at Coachella video, set list and reviews, now with added Danny DeVito

April 18th, 2010|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|24 Comments

Faith No More returned to the US festival scene in style last night with a short, sharp shock of a set at the Coachella festival in the California desert. Highlights included another Ben cover, a Patton stage dive and a mid-set semi-streak by Danny DeVito.
Faith No More 2.0 himself is too old to stay up until 430am these days and too lazy to get up that early on a Sunday so we missed the delayed webcast, so thanks to all for the tweets and comments on the gig.
New reviews added below

Check out the full set in video on Kik Axe.
Or a selection below

Last Cup of Sorrow


Midlife Crisis

Ashes to Ashes and Just a Man (including Danny DeVito around 7.25)
(Thanks to kanajun for video uploads)

Spin: “If there was a problem with the set, it was that despite his amped-up spazzy rapping and Faith No More’s full-tilt approach, this show felt like foreplay to a much greater, more epic performance. Maybe that’s still to come.”
New York Times
: “Sincerity is a just a fabrication for Faith No More, but the band’s old crunch was real.”
: “Faith No More are back and, yes, it does feel so good.”
LA Weekly
: “Again, the youngs were voting with the bodies for Hot Chip, but Patton and company offered a reliable option to the over 25s and all the comb-over VIP daddies and tattoed cougars.”
Variety: “Yet in terms of sheer bizarre spectacle, the band [Muse] couldn’t hope to compete with their predecessors on the main stage, a reunited Faith No More. Approaching their vintage rap-metal anthems as though they were all long-lost Dadaist performance artists, the nattily-suited quintet interspersed bludgeoning originals like “Epic” and “Surprise! You’re Dead!” with unexplained, jaw-droppingly faithful renditions of Peaches & Herb’s “Reunited” and Michael Jackson’s “Ben.” The latter saw wildman vocalist Mike Patton sustain an impossibly clear glory note, shove the microphone deep into his mouth, and dive into the crowd.”
Stuff: “Mike Patton is a born showman, whether fronting one of his numerous side projects or going back to his roots with Faith No More’s “second coming” he’s always running at high intensity. Today he barks military-style instructions at the crowd, laughs like a maniac, jumps into the moshpit for a crowd surf and hollers into his microphone like a mad cheerleader instructor. Awesome show.”
Orange County Register
Inland SoCal: “Faith No More brought humor and funky bass face-melting metal for an epic performance at the Coachella festival Saturday night.”

From out of Nowhere
We Care a Lot
Last Cup of Sorrow
Surprise You’re Dead
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Midlife Crisis
Ashes to Ashes
Just a Man

1704, 2010

Faith No More at Coachella live stream

April 17th, 2010|News, Tour dates|23 Comments

A reminder of those Coachella steaming details:
Details here
The festival will be streamed on Facebook and MySpace.
There is some confusion over the times as FNM are on stage at 7.55pm but here’s the official webcast schedule
(Image via

1604, 2010

Faith No More Coachella preview

April 16th, 2010|Faith No More, News|19 Comments

Triumphant from their valedictory return to San Francisco, Moaner of Hit move on to Coachella for their sub-headline appearance on Saturday.
Here’s what you need to know:

Set time
Faith No More will take to the Coachella stage from 7.55 to 8.45.*
*Thats 04.55 on Sunday in Central Europe, 03.55 in the UK and Ireland, 12.55 on Sunday in Sydney and 22.55 on Saturday in Chile.

Other bands I’d recommend on the Saturday are The Gossip, The Raveonettes, White Stripes-ish new UK band Band of Skulls, the xx, MGMT (I even like their new album) and MUSE (even if I don’t much like their newer stuff). All a bit Pitchfork indie maybe for some but there’s plenty on the weekend for all to enjoy. Be warned though that some European bands may not show due to the ash clouds over here disrupting flights – The Cribs have cancelled and Gary Numan is not expected to make it either. Muse, Florence and the Machine and others are already in the US so no drmaa there.

Hopefully, the rest of us will be able to catch the Faith No More set on the Coachella webcast.
More details here
The festival will be streamed on Facebook and MySpace.
(Cheers to Dan’s FaithNoMoreBlog for the tip)

FNM have been getting a lot of love from the US media in their Coachella previews. Here’s a selection:
New York Times
Las Vegas Sun
Artist Direct
(Complete with Patton quote:”In terms of festivals in the U.S., I can’t think of a better one or a more appropriate one. The San Francisco shows are basically warm-ups for us. We’re doing them in our hometown and it’ll be like a high-five type of evening.”)
Los Angeles Times/Brand X


2701, 2010

More Coachella info from KROQ

January 27th, 2010|News|2 Comments

KROQ are focussing on Faith No More today as their Coachella previewing continues. Here’s their bio-style post.

Also on KROQ, the conflicting reports on Coachella day tickets continue. KROQ report here that single-day tickets will be available but there dissenting voices in the comments.

2001, 2010

Faith No More at Coachella ticket update

January 20th, 2010|Tour dates|11 Comments

It does now seem that fans who want to see Faith No More at the Coachella festival on 17 April will have to shell out $269 for a three-day pass. Tickets go on sale on 22 January at 10am from the Coachella site and a number of local record stores. The Coachella site notes: “Every person entering festival area, including camp sites, must have a festival pass. A festival pass is ONE wristband for the entire weekend. A 3-day pass ticket will be exchanged for a single wristband upon entry to the event grounds.”
So, it does look like here will be no single-day tickets for the event for the first time.

In other ticket news, no update yet on when and where tickets for Faith No More’s extra 24 February date will be available but it should not be too far from Ticketmaster.

1901, 2010

Faith No More at Coachella: round-up and reaction

January 19th, 2010|Tour dates|17 Comments

While the announcement that Faith No More will play the Coachella festival on 17 April was the news their United States fans have meeting waiting for, the re-formed rockers’ sub-headlining slot and the media reaction to the overall line-up is more sobering, illustrating perhaps why the FNM reunion has shunned a return home so far.

Initial news reports have focused more on the headliners Jay-Z, Muse and Gorillaz plus Thom Yorke and even Sly and the Family Stone. The fact that their desert date marks their return to live shows in the US – warm-up gig aside – since 1997. Enough caviling; below is a brief round-up to the Coachella announcement with a Faith No More focus:

  • Los Angeles Times – Ann Powers alludes to “Faith No More’s arty take on frat-boy rap rock”, terming the line-up “a model for recessionary times”.
  • E! (can’t forget that !) Online – E! somehow concludes that the lineup is one for the kids with FNM – “ who will resurrect their classic ’80s Epic sound” – relegated to the final paragraph.
  • New York Times – A NYT blog goes one better and manages to avoid mentioning Faith No More at all.
  • Noisecreep – Metal site Noisecreep hit the right tone, noting that “recently reunited Faith No More are confirmed for the second night of this year’s installment. It will be the first time since the band announced its reunion early last year that they’ll play on U.S. soil.”

And that is pretty much it. Maybe we’ll get more reaction tomorrow. For dedicated FNM fans the big question, of course, is when will the band’s other US dates be announced and will there be a Coachella warm-up date in San Francisco.

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