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1105, 2010

Links for a day…(vol. 60)

May 11th, 2010|Faith No More, Links for a day|41 Comments

  • Mike Patton continues to do the media rounds to promote Mondo Cane and he has given a lengthy and revealing interview with the Cast in Metal podcast on MTV. Mike mentions that he is writing a new Fantomas album, that he has received music for a new Tomahawk release from Duane Denison, that a new Lovage is ready and may sometime see the light of day and that he is seeking collaborators for a new Peeping Tom disc which will sound very different form the debut. From a purely Faith No More perspective Mike again pours cold water on the prospect of an imminent new record but does offer some home by saying that it is “not out of the question”. The interview is well worth 27 minutes and 21 seconds of your time.
  • A quirky but interesting examination of Faith No More lyrics as the inner workings of the Joker’s mind from Pop Matters: “In a feat worthy of the Clown Prince of Crime, Faith No More somehow managed to encapsulate the fractured, subversive purpose of Heath Ledger’s Joker 16 years before Ledger’s Joker came into being.”
  • Faith No More’s current incarnation on British TV (All hail King Cameron!) in 1997. Not sure if we have shown this before but here goes in any case:
  • And once especially for David Cameron for the day that is in it:
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