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2004, 2015

Roddy meets Wade Worthington in Faith No Man/More merge

April 20th, 2015|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

Faith No More keyboardist and much more Roddy Bottum has tweeted a great photo of him and his Faith No Man predecessor/counterpart Wade Worthington from the Portland show.

Here’s Wade in his Faith No Man days.

And here is some video from 1983.

The excellent Faith No Man site has an excellent resumé of the Faith No Man era:
“Faith. No Man was created in 1979 by M Morris and Wade Worthington. Drummer xtraordinare Mike Bordin was recruited next followed much later by Bill Gould. (To go back even further, the original name was ‘Sharp Young Men’ as a piss-take on all the ‘elegant’ 80s groups at the time.) Originally Morris proposed ‘Faith In No Man’ but after much back and forth, Bordin rightfully suggested ‘Faith. No Man’. Morris became very hard on Gould which eventually caused a rift in the band. Worthington left the group because of the tensions and because he felt unsatisfied with his own contributions.
It was mutually decided Gould’s childhood friend Roddy Bottum was to became the new member. At that time, being fully aware of the rift, Bottom quickly fell inline with the three and eventually plans were afoot as to how to carry on without Morris because it was his band and he was now the sole songwriter and singer within the group. After the final show, there was no communication again between the three and Morris for six months. Bordin then contacted Morris and though not in touch regularly, they have been able to remain friendly over the years. So rather un-dramatically, the band simply broke up. Anything else is just post-split invented angst. Morris was never called ‘The Man’.”

And Mike Morris spoke about Wade’s musical talent on the site: “I met Wade in 1978. We worked together until the split of F.NM. He is a trained pianist who rarely plays piano. His first love seems to be the Hammond organ. For years he has been wanting to do a sort of Jimmy Smith jazz thing with just him on the organ and a drummer.

1705, 2010

Very early Faith No Man footage

May 17th, 2010|Video vault|33 Comments

A very young Billy and a undreadlocked baby-faced Puffy along with Wade Worthington and Mike The Man Morris from 1983.
(Cheers to Mike Bolger for alerting to me to this in Comments and to vithovenstyle for posting to the Tube)

Strange how the FNM signature rhythm sound is very much evident here; actually overwhelming the rest of the music.

2303, 2010

Faith No More early recordings surface

March 23rd, 2010|Video vault|6 Comments

Actually its Faith No Man from 1982 with Mike Morris on lead vocals. This were uploaded to YouTube but I’ve only stumbled upon them now via Thanks, It Came as a Set. As that blog notes, this has a very Public Image Limited sound and is very much of its time.

These tracks – Quiet in Heaven and Song of Liberty – were released in 1982 as a 7″ single under Faith No Man on Ministry of Propaganda Records.

Here is an All Music Guide review. Sample quote: “Singer Mike Morris is actually really good, using his John Lydon vocals to rant angrily over the solid background supplied by the rest of the band. The lyrics are the typical angry San Francisco punk topics: they hate the government, they hate their girlfriends, and they’re terribly unsatisfied.”

More details here and here.

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