1805, 2015

CHARTS: Faith No More Sol Invictus number 1 in FOUR countries

May 18th, 2015|Faith No More, News|5 Comments

We probably won’t get a real chart picture until later this week when the European album charts come out, but Faith No More’s Sol Invictus is making a stunning impression on the iTunes album chart worldwide on its official release day.

In fact, latest data has the album number one in  Finland, Greece, Israel and Poland and overall it is in the top 10 in 15 countries.

Here’s the full run-down:

#1 Finland
#1 Greece
#1 Israel
#1 Poland
#2 Czech Republic
#2 Denmark
#3 Norway
#3 Sweden
#4 Australia
#4 Austria
#4 Luxembourg
#5 Chile
#8 Belgium
#10 Germany
#10 New Zealand
#12 Switzerland
#17 Netherlands
#24 United Kingdom
#26 Namibia
#27 Ireland
#29 Hungary
#38 Russia
#43 Bulgaria
#45 France
#48 Italy
#55 Brazil
#60 Canada
#74 United States
#78 Slovakia
#97 Estonia
#184 Belarus
#194 Mexico
#196 Guatemala
Indeed, chart aggregator Kworb has the album at number 13 worldwide.


1009, 2009

Links for a day… (vol.33)

September 10th, 2009|Links for a day|0 Comments

  • Finally, managed to find a report of Billy Gould speaking at the Heineken Music Conference in Tel-Aviv from the Jerusalem Post. Sample quote: “Labels used to be in it for the long term with an artist – they’d get signed to a development deal, and the label wouldn’t mind if the first record didn’t sell. The idea was to build a following, and by the third album, you’d begin to see the results of your labor,” he said. “There’s no way that would happen today. If you’re not a hit, you’re gone.”
  • The tour posters from the second leg of The Second Coming tour are now on sale at Secret Serpents.
  • Here’s a generally positive  Rock en Seine review from ClickMusic.
  • And a glowing review in French from MusicPlease here and another from Telerama here.
  • Chuck Mosley interview from the Charlotte Indie Music Examiner.
409, 2009

Links for a day…(vol. 32)

September 4th, 2009|Links for a day|0 Comments

  • Will they or won’t they? muses on whether Faith No More will tour the US. I’m pretty sure they will.
  • Via the same source and from Metal Injection, neatly-packaged Faith No More at Download Festival video.
  • Finally a good quality version of FNM covering Lily Allen surfaces on YouTube.
  • Faith No More at Reading photo gallery from Sophie Jane at MySpace.
  • Less that flattering Tel Aviv gig review from Haaretz. Sample quote: “The second point almost unnecessary to add is that even a pale version of Faith No More is still much more than an undiluted version of 95% of most bands. And yet a large number of songs, especially during the first part of the show, sounded like covers of the originals – and not like renditions that could stand on their own.” Also on Tel-Aviv, Billy apparently spoke at the Heineken Music Conference – more on Kool Arrow than FNM – but if anyone has links to reports can they please let me know.
  • Virtual Festivals have their top 10 acts at the Radio 1 stage at Reading and Faith No More are right up at the top.

209, 2009

Faith No More in Israel video and set list

September 2nd, 2009|Faith No More|0 Comments

Faith No More played the final date of the European leg of the Second Coming tour last night in Tel Aviv.

Set list
(thanks to dror n)
1. Reunited
2. From Out Of Nowhere
3. Be Aggressive
4. Caffeine
5. Evidence
6. Surprise! You re Dead
7. Last Cup Of Sorrow
8. Cuckoo for caca
9. Easy
10. Midlife Crisis
11. Epic
12. I Started A Joke
13. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
14. King For A Day
15. Ashes To Ashes
16. Just A Man
17. Midnight Cowboy
18. Chariots Of Fire/Stripsearch /
19. We Care a Lot
2nd Encore:
20. Pristina

109, 2009

Faith No More's final Second Coming European tour date

September 1st, 2009|Faith No More|0 Comments

Faith No More play the last leg of their European tour at the Heineken Music Conference in Tel-Aviv (for the purposes of this tour Tel-Aviv is in Europe!). Here is the official site in Hebrew and here is a preview piece with some logistical details from Israeli’ newspaper Haaretz.

UPDATE: The same newspaper has just published an opinion piece on whether gig-goers should go to Faith No More or Madonna tonight. Sample quote:  “So with all due respect to Madonna, if you have your mind set on seeing a real show with serious musicians, a singer with soul, and music with a message that will stay with you long after the huge video screens come down, I think you know where you have to go.”

2106, 2009

Faith No More in Israel

June 21st, 2009|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Finally, a few more details have emerged of Faith No More’s 1 September date in Tel Aviv. The Jerusalem Post reports that they will be playing on the same day as Dinosaur Jr at the Trade Fair centre venue as part of a two-day international music conference.

1305, 2009

Faith No More go beyond Europe

May 13th, 2009|Tour dates|0 Comments

It looks like Faith No More’s reunion tour will go beyond Europe’s borders and will extend into September. Israel’s Hebrew-language news siet YNet has announced that Faith No More will be playing the Summer Festival in Tel Aviv, which takes place on 1 and 2 September. More details at this Last FM page.*

*Yes I knew Israel plays in European football competitions and competes in Eurovision but its not really in continental Europe.

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