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1411, 2012

Jim Martin Q and A

November 14th, 2012|Faith No More|12 Comments

Our faithnomoreblog counterparts scored a major coup with their fans’ Q and A with former Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin.
Read the full interview here.

Here’s some choice bits:
“My publicized “not being into” Angel Dust was all about the way the whole process went down. There was a lot of weird pressure to follow up The Real Thing, and as a consequence, the album AD was more contrived musically than I thought was necessary. I wanted more of the record to happen in the studio and Bill wanted every last tack nailed down before we went in. I wanted to spend time with it, management and the record company wanted to rush it out the door. There were a bunch of journalists in the studio. We were paying for a bunch of sampling that we could have created. Matt Wallace was calling me on the phone complaining about Mike Patton’s performance. Management and record company were calling me complaining about Mike Patton’s performance and desire for outside projects.
The record company president came in the studio and said: “I hope nobody bought houses” All the air got sucked out of the room. That was one of those great moments when reality slaps you in the face. Some of my associates (had) bought houses. The pressure was on, and everyone wanted to be in the studio with me while I recorded, endlessly tinkering and fucking with me and fucking with Matt, and Matt is a really fucking wound up guy already. Prior to AD, I would work alone with Matt and his assistant engineer period. I had to kick everyone out and even though it was not a new concept it really pissed everyone off.”

“I am happy AD is regarded in a positive way. It is an affirmation of the legacy we all worked to create. I am aware that some of the newer bands I actually like have referred to FNM as an influence. I am also aware AD was on the Kerrang! Most influential albums List of 2003. Is it an artist’s affirmation? That’s fine. Am I surprised? I don’t think anyone can be expected to anticipate something like this.”

“I remember hearing some of the music a long time ago but I didn’t really study it. I remember thinking it was heavily reliant on Mike. As for other persons playing my music, I don’t really believe anyone could book a show as FNM without playing my music.”

1212, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 119)

December 12th, 2011|Faith No More, Links for a day|1 Comment

1603, 2010

Faith No More Video vault volume 2

March 16th, 2010|Video vault|12 Comments

Well done to all who got tickets for Faith No More’s New York date. We’ve done a little spring cleaning here and belatedly added the US and new Europe tour dates among other things and given the site a splash of green ahead of St. Patrick’s Day.
Back to business and an equally overdue video collection:

Well not exactly but footage of Faith No More tribute act A Small Victory performing in New York

Another tenuous St Patrick’s Day connection with Faith No More covering a snippet of the Cranberries best-forgotten Zombie:

Complete with a Pattonesque growl and squeal. Aww!

Well, Jim Martin and Mike Bordin anyway from the Third Annual International Rock Awards 1991 on Italian TV.

Roddy and Bill interviewing and doing a Billboard chart rundown on Showbiz Today.


Welsh rockers Lostprophets have always worn their love for Faith No More on their sleeves and they have added a snippet from The Real Thing to their live act on their current UK tour.

702, 2010

Faith No More Angel Dust sessions video

February 7th, 2010|News|4 Comments

Courtesy of a a very welcome message from Simon in the comments, I have been alerted to the existence of the superb FNM.com YouTube channel.

The channel features the essential MTV Angel Dust sessions video, an education for FNM fans of course but also for music fans in general on the studio workings of a band on the up. Enjoy Jim in his prime, Billy the musical director, Mike P on guitar, Puffy relaxing, Roddy being kept very busy and the major v minor battle in this seminal 12-part series.

Link fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

2107, 2009

Happy Birthday Jim Martin

July 21st, 2009|Uncategorized|18 Comments

Former Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin celebrates his 48th birthday today. The then distinctive-looking axeman was a crucial component of the early Faith No More sound – especially The Real Thing – but after years of tension he was sacked in November 1993.

He has since released one solo album, Milk in Blood in 1997.  He has also released records as part of  Behemoth and Fang and with Anand Bhatt while he also appeared on Metallica’s Garage Inc album. More recently he is reported to have retired from making music and famously focused on pumpkin growing instead. Check out two interviews here and here in which Jim speaks about his pumpkin passion.

Jim solo stuff

Jim in quotes
“By the making of Angel Dust in 1992, the line between the stage and reality became indistinct. [New singer] Mike Patton was having a reaction to sudden fame, and [keyboardist] Roddy [Bottum] was distant. Everyone was convinced they couldn’t continue with me in the band, so I sold my interest and we dissolved our partnership.”
Blender 2004

“It took a lot of time to recover from those years. It was an awful lot of work. No weekends, no settling, no family. You hear about how glamorous being in a successful band is, but it’s not everything you might think it would be.”
Oakland Tribune 2005

“Growing these isn’t all that different than what I used to do in music. If you want to be good, you have to give it what it needs.”
On pumpkins, Oakland Tribune 2005

Others on Jim
“Jim was a night owl. He’d stay up until about 5am, and then sleep through the afternoon. The two of us worked on our own in the studio. Jim had come up with a lot of music for the album, including Surprise! You’re Dead! (which actually goes back to a 1970s band called Agents Of Misfortune, featuring Jim and future Metallica bassist Cliff Burton), Zombie Eaters and Falling To Pieces. We’d be finished by about 10pm, and then go out to party.”
Mike Bordin on The Real Thing recording
Metal Hammer 2009

“There’s always been arguments about that – Jim’s always said he quit. He didn’t. I fired him by fax. It was the only way of getting hold of him! Getting rid of him was a real cleansing exercise. There’s no point keeping someone in the band who’s only there for the money or something. Jim wasn’t committed to what the band wanted to do. I’m good at sacking band members. And by fax was such a… 90s way of doing things.”
Roddy Bottum
Metal Hammer 2009

“Jim Martin had always been very conventional in what he wanted to do with the band, very much a fan of guitar music only and metal specifically. During the recording of ‘Angel Dust’ it became apparent to both him and us that we were heading in very different directions.”
Roddy Bottum
Metal Hammer 2009

“We weren’t having a good time together and it was pretty obvious. We saw it coming for too long, while we were making the Angel Dust album. The whole time for two years while we were touring we kept hoping it would get better. After that much time you can’t help but feel like an idiot for feeling that way. Basically, what it came down to was he couldn’t hold up his weight musically.”
Mike Patton
Interview from 1995 in Negele Gig Database

3006, 2009

Links for a day…(vol. 17): Moscow update and setlist and more

June 30th, 2009|Links for a day|0 Comments

  • Lots of FNM Moscow reviews to start. As the Google Translate from Russian is so ropey I have eschewed the usual sample quotes but all seem positive. One from KM.ru here and Gazeta here and leading news agency Interfax here.
  • Here’s the Moscow setlist via setlistfm. I’ll be updating all the Last Words on this week’s gigs early next week when a) the first chapter of the Second Coming is over and b) I return from Rock Werchter (I know FNM aren’t playing but I’d booked my tickets, flights and hotel before the reunion was announced).
  • Elsewhere Stubbadub has unearthed an amusing Australian interview with Mike P and Billy from 1995.
  • I’ve also been trawling the archives and stumbled upon an unusual interview from Joyzine with Jim Martin from the early post-Mosley days. Sample quote: “Q: How do you typically work out a song? JIM: It works best if we give each other tapes, but it’s different every time. A lot of times, I’ll start off with a song and I’ll have no idea how it’s going to turn out. There’s one song on this LP, “Epic,” that they had all worked out, pretty much, and I didn’t know what the fuck I was going to do with it. So we were having practice and I said, “OK, just play it, I’m just going to jam.” And that’s how I figured out what to play; it just came to me. I just played it!”
  • Fast-forwarding to 2008 and here’s a The Quietus feature on the ultimate FNM mixtape. Let us know your’s in the comment and I’ll put together a feature in the near future.
  • The Moscow poster should be on sale soon though it is not on the Secret Serpents Store page yet.
1905, 2009

Fake Big Jim speaks out?

May 19th, 2009|Uncategorized|4 Comments

The recently re-published Metal Hammer article on the story behind King for a Day… has provoked the ire of former Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin..maybe. Earlier today he said via his Twitter: “10 years and a bit of h would distort anyone’s memory. i had fukn good riffs ready 4 angel dust,most of this is total BS”.

Of course like a lot of celebrity Twitters this is more than likely a massive hoax and the bio on Jim’s Twitter page doesn’t do much to assuage such doubts:was in Faith No More FNM until they started recording tracks without me pricks. I want in on the reunion. Someone else don’t. wheres my frikn agent? fakeonmore”.

Anyone think its genuine or know that its not?

104, 2009

Second Faith No More reunion

April 1st, 2009|Tour dates|0 Comments

UPDATE: This was of course an April Fools’ joke. Cheers for playing along and many thanks to everyone who has visited and contributed over the past few weeks. And even though the excellent fnm.com is now up and running again for official news, we’ll be busy over the next few months covering the reunion tour and future festival announcements and publishing your questions, queries and comments.

Inspired by the remarkably positive reaction to the news of the Faith No More reformation, former members of the band are now planning a reunion of their own, Faith No More 2.0 has learned. The exact composition of the band, which has a working title of Faith No Less, is not known at this stage but Chuck Mosley, Courtney Love, Jim Martin and Robin Guy are all believed to be involved.

Love, who was in a very early incarnation of Faith No More but never recorded with the band, alluded to the new band in a recent update on her Twitter page. Her suggestion of possible track titles “Things That Should Kill Me” and “Authenticity is the New Black” heighten expectations that the band will also be working on new material.

However, for now their focus, like that of their erstwhile bandmates, is on a European tour. First up will be a series of Scandinavian festival appearances.  The band’s Norwegian manager Olaf Priol told us: “Roskilde and Hulsfred and all the big festivals are speaking to us and we are trying to avoid playing at the same festivals as Faith No More themselves. Chuck is taking time off from his solo project to get involved and with him and Courtney on board we also hope to have a nice boy-girl vocal dynamic so they can throw in a few Imperial Teen covers. “

We’ll keep you posted with more updates as we get them.

1503, 2009

King for a Day

March 15th, 2009|Uncategorized|5 Comments

King for a Day...

King for a Day...

The Metal Hammer blog has a great King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime piece. The original article was published in the print magazine in 2005, 10 years after the album release. It is very wide-ranging and focusses on the album’s genesis, the Jim Martin sacking, the band’s musical development, the Metallica and Guns N’Roses tour and the break-up of the band. Sample quote: “Mike HATED Jim, wouldn’t even look at him on stage unless he was about to throw something at him. It was inevitable that he’d go.” (Roddy Bottum). Enjoy the piece.

King for a Day.. Fact File

  • Released: 13 March 1995
  • Recorded: Bearsvile Studio, New York
  • Producer: Andy Wallace
  • It debuted and peaked at number 31 in the US Billboard album charts but reached the top 10 in most of Europe, peaking at number 5 in the UK.
  • It has sold in the region of 225,000 copies in the United States.
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