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1902, 2016

LINKS FOR A DAY 195: Mike Patton focusing on Nevermen; Jon Hudson interview; new Kaada/Patton

February 19th, 2016|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|4 Comments

A it late to these but we’re back in business – and there is a mobile version of the site back up and running.

Mike Patton “focusing on Nevermen”

In a recent interview with Australian site The Music, Mike Patton’s interview says that “Patton’s focusing on Nevermen after 2015 was Faith No More-centric” though Patton does not explicitly say that himself.
This is the full paragraph with Patton’s quote in bold:

“Patton’s focusing on Nevermen after 2015 was Faith No More-centric. The band first reformed in 2009 and last year released their seventh LP, Sol Invictus, 18 years after their last. “In life, you don’t get many of those chances to get it right again, to correct mistakes, to heal old wounds,” Patton says, of getting the band back together. “It was odd, in the beginning, because it felt like playing someone else’s music. And that was a charge, for me, because it felt new again. There’d be times when we’d be rehearsing and I’d have no idea what line I was about to sing, but then it’d just come out of me. Like, this shit is still in me. Then there were other things you’ve completely forgotten. Like, ‘Wait, I did that? What were we thinking? We were completely out of our minds!’ And on the other side of that coin you go: ‘Jesus! What a piece of shit that was. We’re not playing that again!'”

via Toss Me Inside a Hefty

Jon Hudson video interview with Total Guitar

Jon gives an insightful gear interview for the Total Guitar YouTube channel.

First taste of Kaada/Patton new material

Red Rainbow, the first new song from the new Kaada/Patton release Bacteria Cult (due out on 1 April) is now streaming at Bandcamp and indeed below
Pre-order/ Buy
LP / CD / Digital download


807, 2015

Links for a day vol 185: Billy Gould interview, Jon Hudson interview

July 8th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|5 Comments

Billy Gould Dutch interview

Dutch online video interview channel Toazted spoke to Billy Gould at Pinkpop recently and they have now published on YouTube

Part 1

Part 2

Musicradar Jon Hudson interview

And Jon Hudson has spoken to Musicradar, the site for musicians, producers and DJs. Here are some choice cuts from the interview:

“I’ve been playing Les Paul Standards for years. But we would use anything we wanted to in the studio. So, I used a 335, a Telecaster, an SG, I had a Les Paul Custom in there on a couple of songs, and then Bill had some guitars also, so we used quite a bit.”

“I was pretty familiar with the band and Bill’s sense of direction in terms of songwriting and his approach with guitars. So, by the time he called me in early 1996, and said, ‘We’re in the middle of coming up with material for this next record – we were wondering if you’d give it another shot?’, that was the perfect opportunity for me.”

Pinkpop 2015 full show

Via fnm4ever, the full show from that Pinkpop 2015 show in the opening link:


2805, 2015

Links for a day…177: Hudson interview; Korn love; two full concerts, more reviews and win a snowboard

May 28th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, Links for a day, News, Sol Invictus reviews|1 Comment

Rock Hudson rock

Our friends at FNM4ever have posted a clip of the interview that Chilean radio station Rock and Pop recently conducted with Jon Hudson.

Munky likes Sol Invictus

Korn guitarist Munky re-iterated his love for Faith No More when interviewed by Loudwire recently.

I feel like we did, actually I just saw you the other night at Faith No More out in Los Angeles. It was a frickin’ phenomenal show.
They can do no wrong by me. They sound great. I like their new stuff, too. It fits right in with the old stuff, I think.
They could have put out a turd and we’d be like, ‘That’s awesome!’
I think everyone is so excited to hear them and see them playing together again, I know a couple of the guys, they’re great guys and phenomenal musicians. To me, they’re not a metal band. They always say they’re not a metal band. I’ve always kind of felt that way about Korn.
They inspired Fieldy and I to start a band and start playing. That was back in 1987, so it’s inspiring that not only are they still going, but they sold out that place three nights in a row. It gives guys like me hope. [Laughs]

Faith No More at the London Forum 1995

Faith No More return to London in two weeks (FNM 2.0 will be there) and FNM4ever have unearthed a full London show from 1995 for your election.

Faith No More in London 2012

And our friends at Evergig have put together one of their trademark synced and crowd-sourced videos of Faith No More’s show at the Brixton Academy on 10 July 2012.

Win a Faith No More snowboard

A great promo here from TestPress.

Another 8/10 review in Germany

Danke again to Mira for her translation of this excellent review of Sol Invictus in German magazine Rock Hard.

Review from Rock Hard magazine #337, out in shops now

Self-irony is a lovely thing. Apart from that: As ‘aggressive’ as FNM present themselves in recent photos (grey-haired gentlemen in suits) ‘Sol Invictus’ sounds. Despite the incredibly high expectations regarding their first album in 18 years, the alternative-pioneers around Mike Patton are taking it easy. On the face of it, it appears they might have smoked pot in the studio, because of the subtle humour of the lyrics, bizarre phrases like ‘Sunny side up’ from the world of fried eggs used in a completely different context and some inventive sound effects which surprise the listener every now and then. In reality, it was surely concentrated work not to overload the album, nor to let mankind’s expectations get to them. Three years they worked secretly and stress-free in bassist Billy Gould’s studio and added endless musical styles to their very own sound, while Mike Patton wheezes, whispers and shouts as if he gave a damn about record sales. This impertinence has always characterised FNM since their heyday. Sure, they had a little more youthful vigour before, but Mike Bordin’s ingenious groove is still there, the coolness as well. And that’s the most important thing about Faith No More. Sunglasses and a broad grin put on – and speakers up in the city traffic. The album has it, even without an obvious smash hit. (8/10; Holger Stratmann)

More reviews

A very good one from the site that makes Fox news look like the Socialist Worker, Breitbart. Gutcheck gives a good take-down of the archetypal Sol Invictus review before saying some good things:

“You can never tell how great their records are, because it’s a long game with them. Their songs don’t ever knock you over instantly. Instead they present themselves, and as you listen – melodies, riffs, and infectious parts burrow into your noggin – and bother you months later. FNM didn’t really become one of my favorite all time bands until after I’d had all their records for a couple of years. And realized I was playing them every day.

Every album works like that. Reviewing a FNM album should take place a year after purchase. The same thing with kids.”

And adding:

“Sol Invictus works like your basic FNM record: the sequencing is an artful job, hustling you politely through all the gentle, harsh, weird surprises that follow – and then when it’s over, you get back on the ride and start over, just like Space Mountain. When I first heard “Motherf*cker,” I dismissed it as a stunt. But it makes sense somehow among its peers. The album makes the song great.

My favorite song is a bouncy racket called Black Friday. Hard to explain if you had to – but it’s a song only this band could do. The clapping gives it a Monkees, Neil Diamond feel that is something new for a group used to fiendish vibes.”

Soundblab also give a positive review and an 8/10 score stating:

“A brief look at the tracklisting will tell you that with titles such as ‘Motherfucker’, ‘Separation Anxiety’ and ‘Black Friday’, the attitude is here. Hell, even ‘Sunny Side Up’ is snarling and pumping its way into your synapses by hook or by crook.”‘I’d like to peel your skin off,” Mike Patton howls through the slow-building and punishing ‘Cone of Shame’ – so much for being comfortable in middle-age… At less than 40 minutes, this is a short, sweet and wonderful return. More is promised from the band and what is here leaves you glad of that.”

And the The Music Enthusiast weigh in with their detailed review. They say:

“Regurgitation is a word that certainly cannot apply to Sol Invictus, Faith No More’s first studio album in eighteen years; and that creative genius is firing on all cylinders throughout the ten tracks that comprise it.

Perhaps, Sol Invictus will be the first in another string of albums, or maybe it will stand as the pièce de résistance on an already illustrious career, a career that possibly may see this second coming run its course sooner rather than later.

Whichever path the road takes them down, one thing stands for sure: they’ve created a new record that has no trouble holding its own against any of their revered classics…Sol Inivctus fits snuggly against their products of the nineties, pulling off innovation in the music as they prove there are still some boundaries to push; the at times abstract lyrics that Patton and the rest of the band are known for writing being sharp as ever, and engrossing to listen to.”


2205, 2015

INTERVIEW: Jon Hudson speaks about new chapter to Rolling Stone India

May 22nd, 2015|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

There are few places that the tentacles of Faith No More’s Sol Invictus promo push has not reached and here is the first interview we’ve found from India as Jon Hudson speaks to the Indian edition of Rolling Stone.

He re-iterates how far he was removed from music in his real-estate job during the lengthy Faith No More hiatus:

““It required some creativity, but certainly not difficult at all. It felt like music was so far removed from me at that point of my life. I wasn’t even playing, but I was too busy to worry about it. I basically wasn’t playing anything at all. I’d pick up a guitar once in a while.”

And he sums up the music of the new record:

“Sonically, he says there’s more twisted metal at play. Says Hudson, “It’s certainly has elements on the heavier side that most people tend to call metal, but there’s more than that. There are elements of rock, but also elements that people associate with this band. I wouldn’t say it’s a radical departure. It’s another chapter, you know? It’s not going to sound like the other albums – people might really like that and there will be some people who might not. We’re not worried about that at all.”

805, 2015

Jon Hudson talks joining Faith No More, his property business and Cone of Shame

May 8th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|0 Comments

As well as that very revealing Premier Guitar interview; Jon Hudson has recently been interviewed in the June edition of Guitar World and in the May/June edition of French magazine Guitare Xtreme.

Here are some of the best bits from the quiet man of Faith No More:

On meeting and then joining Faith No More (Guitar World)

A former bandmate introduced me to them in 1989. Then Bill helped me out with a demo after they did Angel Dust. I got the feeling that things were not working out with Jim. Bill gave me a demo to work on at one point. I worked on several songs and sent them to him, but they ended up working with Trey, which was the right decision.

Bill called Jim me in early 1996 and asked me if I would be interested in joining the band. I didn’t audition. I just jumped in and started working with Bill. I gave him a cassette full of ideas and some of them wound up on Album of the Year, which was really exciting.

On his property business (Premier Guitar)

I worked in property management—I oversaw condominiums for Homeowners Associations in the Bay area. Getting paid to play music is crazy, and to have that be your day job is just incredible. To go from that into management is quite a transition.

When the band split up, I toyed around with having my own band and putting out my own record, but I couldn’t really find the right people to work with at the time. I was also trying to be realistic about it. I just thought, look, I had a great run with the band, but it didn’t pan out, so I switched gears and grew up. Managing a portfolio of properties was probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. I’m glad to be playing music again for my day job [laughs].

On returning to Faith No More (Guitar World)

I quit my job because I was tired of it. A few months later, I got word that Faith No More was starting up again. So it was very fortuitous and good timing.

On whether the band works better with him than previous guitarists (Guitare Xtreme)

I’m not sure if it works better with me. I was offered a job, it was a great opportunity so I jumped onto the moving train and I am still here! I can’t really speak in place of the previous guitarists but when the original members of the group worked together for many years, there were fights, tension and ego problems. It is not abnormal that there were distances taken and separations. Jim Martin left Faith No More a long time ago very simply because it wasn’t working out. That’s life. Trey Spruance did a great job for King for a Day…the group had the benefit of this great musician but it didn’t happen. I have no idea why. As for me, I was called, I came and did the job.

On Cone of Shame (Premier Guitar)

What are you using for the beginning of “Cone of Shame,” where it’s just spare drums and a spaghetti-Western guitar line?
That was definitely one of Bill’s plug-ins because I played that part clean with a Fender American Standard Telecaster. I remember I wanted a really bright tone that would really pop out of that sparse arrangement, so I played that Tele on the bridge pickup and we added reverb and delay afterwards. Live, I’ll use an Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail.

On Rise of the Fall (Premier Guitar)

There are lots of clean parts on that song—some are mixed down a little quieter because we wanted them to sit lower in the mix compared to the vocal. I did a lot of work with my Gibson ES-335 for the real, clear precise parts. There were a few different layers on that one. For the melodic break in the vocals, I double-tracked parts with my Les Paul Custom and the Tele.


805, 2015

Bill Gould played guitar on Superhero and From the Dead

May 8th, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|1 Comment

In a great interview for guitar techs and guitarists and musos everywhere, Premier Guitar has today published a insightful joint interview with Jon Hudson and Bill Gould.

And the interview has a number of surprising revelations, primarily that Bill plays guitar on some tracks on Sol Invictus:

Hudson: Billy actually played slide guitar for that song [From the Dead] after everyone else thought it was done. I was pretty floored when I heard it and felt it added to the song so much.

Gould: I just felt that outro part needed a little bit more emotion. I heard it in my head, so I tried it and it worked out. The guys responded really well to that addition. It’s really just colors and textures I’m adding—I’m a shitty guitarist [laughs].

Hudson: Bill plays the solo on “Superhero.” It’s really great. The arrangement had changed, and Bill recorded that at the last minute after I tried tracking it, but what I played didn’t add anything and his take has a great vibe and meshes really well with the song. Sometimes you have to concede and be happy he’s in your band and your producer [laughs].

Gould: I wrote that song, so I threw that part together as a placeholder to show Jon what I was going after. When he came in he had a few runs at it, but ultimately he told me to just use my original recording. I was like, “Are you sure, Jon?” He was totally supportive—that’s just an example of how everyone has matured and we can work for the greater song rather than worrying about who played every note on the record.

305, 2015

Jon Hudson interview with La X Mas Musica radio

May 3rd, 2015|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|0 Comments

Faith No More guitarist Jon Hudson had given a lengthy interview to Colombian radio station La X Mas Musica.

Faith No More announced earlier this week that they will play Colmombia for the first time on 18 September.

1004, 2015

Jon Hudson speaks about the future and Brazil in 89 Radio Rock interview

April 10th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|0 Comments

Faith No More guitarist Jon Hudson has given another interesting and revealing interview with Brazilian radio station 89 Rock Radio.


“Hopefully there is more”.


(via FNM4ever)


303, 2015

Three new interviews from Faith No More

March 3rd, 2015|Faith No More, News|2 Comments

Mute no more. Faith No More continue their impressive media blitz around their 2015 tour and Sol Invictus and Superhero releases with three interviews in New Zealand and Australia and this time we have video and audio.

First up is a video of the Music Feeds interview – complete with charming 12 year-old interviewer – with Roddy, Mike B and Jon.

Next up – just ahead of their Auckland show was an interview with Roddy and Bill with Hauraki TV.

And finally and audio interview where Puffy gets the chance to wax lyrical for a full 30 minutes with Auckland’s Rip it Up Radio.

1702, 2015

Mike Bordin and Jon Hudson Japanese radio interview

February 17th, 2015|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

A wonderful interview from Mike “Puffy” Bordin and Jon Hudson from Inter FM which went out yesterday. Always great to hear Puffy speak so eloquently and passionately about the band and great to hear Jon for almost the first time in an interview and also showing off his Japanese language skills.

(Hat tip Faith No More Blog and fnmjpfan on Youtube)

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