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1902, 2015

Faith No More Links for a day…(vol. 146): Kirk Hammett love, Puffy speaks (again!), artwork, band pics

February 19th, 2015|Links for a day, News|0 Comments

Faith No More have moved on from their news-making trip to Tokyo and are heading to Australia seemingly via Singapore:

Meanwhile, last night on Twitter, KIRK HAMMETT, guitarist with  Metallica – another San Francisco-based rock band, again laid bare his admiration for Faith No More.

MIKE BORDIN is fast emerging as the face of Faith No More. The drummer – who sounds on his ferocious best form on new song Cone of Shame – has recorded a promo video for Yamaha Drums. And here it is:

(Hat tip to the always on The Holy Filament)

WE HAVEN’T had a stab at working out the lyrics for Cone of Shame but we will when we escape from work and from the fug of the worse dose of manflu in the history of humankind.
Here’s another video of the song debut by the way

But Rock Genius, a subsection of Genius, formerly known as Rap Genius, have their own Faith No More section up and running nicely and they have their version of Motherfucker up there already.
And we’ve just added a Cone of Shame page before we have a real crack at the lyrics:

And Motherfucker:

FAITH NO MORE have always inspired great ARTWORK and artist Luke Preece has created a wonderful interpretation of Angel Dust.

You can buy this wonderful print at his Etsy store.
And Luke also has an interesting insight into how the work was created on his blog.

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