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2208, 2012

Links for a day…(vol. 147)

August 22nd, 2012|Faith No More, Links for a day|4 Comments


    Between moving apartment and baby scans, I’ve been a little distracted lately but here is a long overdue Faith No More digest.


  • Mike Patton has taken the media shackles off as he promotes November’s Mondo Cane Harvest Festival appearance and next year’s Tomahawk Soundwave shows in Australia with a series of interviews Down Under. Mike spoke to primarily about the his score for the upcoming The Place Beyond the Pines film. He said: “When you score a movie you’re sort of, how can I say, you’re sort of owned in a way, you’re sort of under contract. Meaning it’s done whenever the film’s done and you may think you’re done and they may tell you’re done and then they can completely change their minds. So you have to be really willing when you’re doing a film score to adapt on the fly and it’s just the nature of the way films are made, it’s nobody’s fault but sometimes the music is the last thing that they think about and it’s the thing that they want done the quickest.”
  • In the wide-ranging interview, Mike also gives his thoughts on the recording of live shows, which might help explain the lack of any official live releases of Faith No More reunion shows: ““I don’t really care if fans do (record live performances) it’s up to them, personal choice. I don’t prevent anyone from doing that to be honest, but I do reserve the right to not release live recordings because I’m just not crazy about them, personally; it’s a personal decision. So that’s why I haven’t put out many live records and the few that I have I’m actually not very happy with.”
  • Mike also spoke with, primarily about Mondo Cane: “It’s funny because I’m singing some really heavy stuff, really heartbreaking text but I haven’t really lived it, so in a way I’m just channelling something else – maybe I was Italian in a past life.”
  • Finally, Mike and Roddy speak in a Czech TV interview from 1992:

Snooker loopy.

2701, 2012

Happy Birthday Mike Patton

January 27th, 2012|Faith No More, News|7 Comments

Faith No More’s front man Mike Patton turns a scarcely credible 44 today so we’ll resurrect our now annual tribute to the man of many talents, polymath of many projects and master of many voices.


((c) tatu43)

Mike and yours truly

Given that Mike is one of the most deified figures in rock music today I’ll eschew a lengthy career hagiography but here is our by now traditional tribute celebrating rock’s finest vocalist in video and in his own words.

On Faith No More 1.0:

“In Mr. Bungle, it’s more like a family thing, more like incest. It’s not such an employee kind of thing. In FNM, I kind of get the sense that it is more like five separate jobs that need to be done. There’s a ‘we’ in Mr. Bungle. In FNM there’s not really one collective ‘it’.”
Faces magazine 1990

“We just didn’t lie to each other. We were one of the few bands that told it as it was. If I was mad at Jim (Martin, former guitarist), I’d call him an asshole in front of everyone. If he was mad at us, he’d call us assholes. That’s just the way we were. We didn’t give the press a whole lot of angles, so maybe that’s why they all had to work on us. It was never what it was made out to be.”
Kerrang 1999

“I have almost completely great memories. It was a lot of fun and a great experience. But to be honest I don’t reflect that much. I still got too much to look forward to and I’m always working on something. I was pretty young so it was cool to be able to travel the world and discover.”
Hobothrashcan 2007

On lyrics/songwriting:
“They come from my head, my ass, my toilet, my pillow, places like that.”

“I think that too many people think too much about my lyrics. I am more a person who works with the sound of a word than with its meaning. Often I just choose the words because of the rhythm not because of the meaning.”
From FAQ

On touring:
“Touring takes over your life. On the road, you have a lot of unsupervised time. There are perils: the drinking, the dope and the diseases, but we’ve done all right. We’re adults. We all live in a real sober fashion. Sure, there’s a toll taken by the physical exertion of playing music. We give up our bodies every night. But there’s no greater high than being on stage.”
San Francisco Chronicle 1995

On the rock n’ roll lifestyle:
[The infamous hairdryer quote]
When I was staying in a hotel room once, I took a shit, rolled it into a ball and put it in the hair dryer so that the next guest to dry their hair would get hot shit in their face. Ain’t that rock n’ roll? I do hope rock stars are a dying breed. People love to lap them up — you know how something always tastes better if you swallow it quickly.’
(The quote is sourced from a lengthy interview on Stefan Negele’s gig database and was by Amy Raphael but I have no information on which publication except that it was probably UK-based)

“I talk so much about masturbation in interviews because I go on the defensive as soon as journalists start asking about groupies. It’s much easier relating to yourself on tour than it is to someone you’ve just met. Maybe I should say I’ve grown beyond it and now I’m into farm animals. Too many journalists still believe the rock n’roll myth. From my side it’s definitely not like that. A lot of bands are doing it, but they must have had insecure childhoods — maybe their parents dropped them on their heads.”
From the same interview.

On groupies:
“All these girls screaming and wanting to sleep with me, it’s go nothing to do with sex. It’s like vampirism. I’m their transfusion. It’s not erotic or sexual, it’s cartoonish.”
Spin magazine 1990

On fame:
“I’m uncomfortable with being a pop star. When you walk down the street and people yell at you and try to grab your hair, it’s not natural. We were doing an in-store appearance and someone grabbed my hat right off my head. That’s not right. You don’t do that to someone walking down the street, so why do that to me? And I lost it. Threw hot coffee in his face. He gave me my hat back.”
Same interview

On writing an autobiography:
“I’ve got nothing to say. I do my talking with the music. I’m really not even a very good interview. I don’t enjoy talking about myself very much. If someone wanted to write something, that is fine. But I would kindly ask them to leave me out of it.”
Awesome Movieweb interview from 2007

On his Ipecac record label:
“I wanted to have more control and say over my own records plus I knew so many bands that needed an honest label. My manager Greg and I did it in 1999 as a way to release Fantômas, Maldoror and the Melvins. We did not expect it to turn into a real label. It has been a lot of work but very rewarding.”
Blogcritics 2006

On his prolific input:
“It is not about success or failure. It is what I do. I’m a musician. I love creating music and my tastes vary. Why limit oneself as an artist. That would be like painting the same kind of painting everytime or making the same kind of movie. I like to work and challenge myself. I’ll slow down someday, I’m sure.”
Same interview

On his friendship with Danny de Vito:
“Danny is great. He is a multi talented renegade artist who is completely immersed in everything he does. He is also a great father. We met at a Fantômas show at Coachella. His son turned him on to my music. We instantly bonded. Nothing very funny.

It was cool that he was watching our set while all these celebrities were at the other side of the festival watching Coldplay. We had drinks and kidnapped him into our trailer. I think people think it is funny that we are friends. But it makes perfect sense to me. Much respect to brother D!”
Same interview

On a FNM reunion (in 2008):
“There’s some guys in the band who would love to do that and then there’s me. Everyone understands where I’m coming from and generally I think they agree. But every 3-4-5 years some brain surgeon in Scotland has an idea, some Svengali who thinks he can change the world, comes with a briefcase full of cash and makes a crazy offer. And it’s not easy to go, ‘eh, fuck it.’ It would be very easy for some of us to rehearse for a couple of days, smile and cash the check. I’m not at that point. I got enough things to worry about, enough problems and enough things on my plate. Maybe if he comes with two briefcases full of money… (laughs)”
Stereo Warning

On the reunion in 2009:
“There was an offer for some shows in Europe. I thought it was a good moment and ended up agreeing. In the first rehearsal, I was late and I didn’t manage to enter the studio. I sat outside on the floor and listened to the band playing. The sound was very good, I felt I would be comfortable singing those songs again. And now we are here. We already played about 40 shows, and we are all happy.”
O Globo (2009)

On scoring films/movies and the future:
“It’s a new challenge and something that’s been a part of my musical language for a while, so I think that I can handle it. Again, it’s all about finding a director who might want to take a chance on someone like me, and those are pretty few and far between. So far what little scoring work I’ve gotten has been through friends. And that’s wonderful because so far I’ve been able to do exactly what I’ve wanted. Who knows where it’ll lead? But it is definitely something that I’d like to do more of. I’m getting up there. I’m, like, 40 now, and I definitely see a light at the end of my touring tunnel, so to speak. And right now, my livelihood is kind of going out and playing a show in Serbia or playing a festival in Amsterdam—I’m going in a couple days. So, looking in the crystal ball, film’s going to be a really nice way of getting to stay at home a little more and still be very creative and busy.”
The AV Club 2008

On a new record:
“We haven’t discarded that completely, but we are not thinking about composing. We don’t want to be like those bands that stay years apart, then return and release a horrible record.”
O Globo 2009

On FNM future:
We are not Starbuck’s, that are in every corner. If you want to see us, it is better go this time, because we don’t know if there will be another one, certainly not in another 10 years. So far we have shows booked until February, and maybe that will be it. The curious fact is that we didn’t have many offers to play in the USA.
O Globo 2009

Here goes for Part 2 of our Mike Patton tribute.

Very early Mr. Bungle (1985)

Earliest online video of Mike performing with Faith No More (March 1989)

More from the same gig

Earliest found Mike interview (actually a group interview) (1989)

I used to watch Raw Power as a kid so had to include this

And a great one (part 1 of 3) from 1991

The last FNM 1.0 show

Other projects: Fantomas

Other projects: Tomahawk

Other projects; Mondo Cane

Other projects: Peeping Tom

Reunited Brixton 2009

The return: too old for this shit?

Just plain wrong


2201, 2012

Links for a day… (vol. 129)

January 22nd, 2012|Faith No More, Links for a day|9 Comments

  • Listen to Roddy’s Imperial Teen‘s fifth album Feel the Sound in its entirety here at Spin. Feel the Sound is out January 31 on Merge – pre-order here.
  • A great interview with Bill Gould from Free Gotham magazine from June 1997 has resurfaced this week. Sample quote: “The way we work musically is a democracy. This process is a little harder because the album needs to be worked out to everyone’s satisfaction. As members of the band, we all realize there is a need to compromise, but at that same time there is also the desire to be able to exercise your own artistic vision.”
  • More on Sonisphere France. Nothing confirmed yet but the Faith No More, Slash and Queen rumour first appeared in December on the Sonisphere forums.
  • Mondo Cane do Yeah at the Sydney Summer Sounds

    via Gezarie
1801, 2012

Mike Patton sings for little girl in Sydney show and more Mondo Cane

January 18th, 2012|News|10 Comments

Mike Patton rounded up his three-date Sydney Mondo Cane trip with a second performance at the State Theatre on Tuesday night. During Sole E Malato he invited a six-year-old girl on stage and sweetly sang to her.

via cqckid on YouTube 

Meanwhile, the Mondo Cane shows were widely covered in the mainstream Australian media. Under the title “Mike Patton’s wild, wild Italian world”, The Australian was full of praise, reporting:
“There were the moments of classic Patton: the screams, the “noises” in his throat, the facial expressions that flicked from maniacal to playful and suave, the way he incorporated objects such as a guiro, a megaphone and a starter’s pistol into the occasion. He’s a showman, and for 90 minutes he held this audience in awe despite many of them having little idea what he was on about.”

Meanwhile, the Sydney Morning Herald gave a four-star review: “With a 24-piece orchestra, including a dozen Sydney string players, the dense musical arrangements of heavily dated Italian pop came alive. Never mind that we can’t relate to the Italian lyrics, Patton is a master of song and almost a caricature of a crooner. His expressions are ridiculously exaggerated and his diction is meticulous.”

The Daily Telegraph was equally effusive: “It wasn’t until he let rip with the screams on Che Notte! that we were reminded of his stunningly varied musical pedigree that has run from everything from soundtracks to experimental alt-metal. From that point on, the audience was riveted, never quite sure what Patton would do next. He seemed to lure the crowd into a Faustian pact, displaying devilish charm alongside his musical virtuosity.”

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1601, 2012

Links for a day…(vol. 128): Sonisphere rumour, Mondo Cane…

January 16th, 2012|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|4 Comments

  • UK metal TV channel Scuzz TV has revealed that Faith No More COULD be this year’s UK Sonisphere Festival headliners. Tonight the channel played videos from 12 bands with the promise that one of the dozen – which included Faith No More – would showcase the Knebworth festival:
    [tweet align=’left’ width=’350′]
    [tweet align=’left’ width=’350′]
    More on Sonisphere here
  • No video yet but here is a great photo gallery of Mondo Cane at the Sydney State Theatre
    Thanks to @ChantelBann on Twitter
    Mondo Cane @ State Theatre, Sydney 16 Jan 2011
  • We know he’s a Giants baseball fan but sure about the 49ers in gridiron but that hasn’t stopped the San Francisco Chronicle putting forward Mike Patton to sing the national anthem at the NFC Championship game between the ‘Niners and the New York Giants at Candlestick Park on Sunday.
  • Not sure if we featured this before but the full show of Faith No More at the Exit Festival in Serbia:

1501, 2012

Mondo Cane at Sydney Festival round-up

January 15th, 2012|News|0 Comments

The unseasonal torrential rain in Sydney could not dampen the enthusiasm for Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane on 14 January at the Sydney Domain.


Nina Ackerman has kindly supplied us with a superb collection of shots from the concert.
All pics (c) Nina Ackerman

Media reports
Adelaide Now
“Patton and his orchestra were forced to take a break with the words “violins don’t like rain”. With the remaining crowd in good spirits, Patton resumed his set after a 15 minute break. Cue big cheers, with the charismatic frontman’s performance and encore a reward for braving the soggy conditions.”

Cel Sydney
“This free concert was spectacular and if you braved the weather you witnessed an epic and unique show. Patton joined forces with an orchestra, band and choir, a 25-piece ensemble and delivered like he did playing rockshows with his other bands.”

Tickets are available here for Mondo Cane’s two remaining Sydney shows on 16 and 17 January.

1401, 2012

Mondo Cane at Sydney Festival

January 14th, 2012|Faith No More|11 Comments

Deep Deep Down in the rain in Sydney

901, 2012

Links for a day…(vol. 125)

January 9th, 2012|Links for a day, News|8 Comments

Two gems from St Louis in 1997. (via Dreamqueefer in Comments and Lepers TV on YouTube.)
From the old St Louis public access channel Lepers TV.
Faith No More soundcheck:

– FNM opening songs

Patton Mondo Cane news promo for the Sydney Festival on 16 January

The best explanation of Faith No More and nu-metal by the man himself Bill Gould as part of a Much More Music documentary – Faith No More bit from 4.17 on


1910, 2011

Links for a day… (vol. 105)

October 19th, 2011|Faith No More, Links for a day|11 Comments

We’re back after our African adventure. Did we miss much?

  • Seems I might have missed a few months actually as its Christmas already. Absolutely love this. Details of the Mike Patton/John Zorn Christmas single and you can check out the Patton song below even if it is only October:
  • The Holy Filament has a series of pro-shot Mondo Cane in Rock in Rio videos on YouTube:
  • And you can check out the entire Mondo Cane Chile show in glorious HD (via Rob and MrFnm) below
  • Bill’s Talking Book soundtracks the Rebuild 2 online game (via Jones in comments)
  • An early review of Patton’s Solitude of Prime Numbers score, which is released through Ipecac on 1 November.
  • Rare version of the Crab Song (via Inegra in comments)
  • Great Chilean interview with Mike Patton
  • A Mondo Cane insider’s view (via Firsa)
  • Via The Holy Filament, the full Faith No More at St Louis 1987 show


1409, 2011

Links for a day…(vol. 103)

September 14th, 2011|Faith No More, Links for a day|11 Comments

  • The tireless Holy Filament have just posted a clip of a new Mike Patton interview with an Argentinean radio station. Mike’s Mondo Cane play Buenos Aires on 17 and 18 September and 21 September Santiago and 24 September in Rio.
  • No video or reviews have surfaced from Bill’s Talking Book concert on Sunday night but here is the latest review of the album from Bearded.
  • As tweeted and mentioned in comments, the announcement of a release date for Mike Patton’s The Solitude of Prime Numbers score has garnered quite a bit of publicity. Here is the SF Examiner’s take: “On Nov. 11, via his imprint Ipecac, he’ll be releasing a tribute of sorts, “Music From The Film And Inspired By The Book The Solitude Of Prime Numbers.”  He calls this cinematic album a real “sonic departure,” and he’s dutifully numbered the 16 tracks in perfect prime fashion — 3, 5, 7, and so on, up to 53.”
  • Noisecreep reveal the track listing:
    2. Twin Primes
    3. Identity Matrix
    5. Method of Infinite Descent
    7. Contrapositive
    11. Cicatrix
    13. Abscissa
    17. Isolated Primes
    19. Radius of Convergence
    23. Separatrix
    29. The Snow Angel
    31. Apnoea
    37. Supersingular Primes
    41. Quadratix
    43. Calculus of Finite Differences
    47. Zeroth
    53. Weight of Consequences
    The album is released through Ipecac on 1 November.


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