2406, 2015

Links for a day 182: Hamburg reviews, Berlin TV, London reviews, French site

June 24th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|1 Comment

Hamburg reviews

Hamburg’s two main newspapers carry reviews of Faith No More’s show at the Sporthalle last night.
Both are overwhelmingly positive.
Hamburger Morgenposten
Hamburger Abendblatt

Hamburg poster

Via Secret Serpents, this is the wonderful Robert Bowen poster from last night’s Hamburg show.

Faith No More on ARTE

Just an update on when we can expect this to air. Scottish band Texas played a Berlin Live show on 18 May and it will be broadcast on 26 June so we may need to wait 5 weeks to see this show in all its glory. I expect Rise of the Fall and a lot of Sol Invictus to again be played.

Faith No More French Community new website

The vibrant and vachement cool Faith No More French Community have long been a source of FNM news, videos, setlists and graphics on Facebook and now Bertrand, Nessie, Stevens, Antoine et al have a new website too.
And, as you would expect, it looks stunning. Check it out for the visuals and videos alone.

The Times give glowing London review

The Times should really have had reviewer James Jackson also review the album as he has given one of the band’s Roundhouse shows a rave write-up and a 4/5 score.
He says:

“Sounding at times like a tiger in pain, the 47-year-old singer has lost none of his operatic, multi-octave vocal power, even if his physical antics are less frenzied these days (I rather miss the crazed somersaults). Among the five, malevolent new tracks aired, Separation Anxiety built a fearsome head of steam, while the pulverising Superhero was greeted like an old favourite, as multi-coloured lights strafed the stage, souping up the Roundhouse’s antiseptic atmosphere.”

Metal Hammer give 10/10 review

Metal Hammer also loved the show and give a 10/10 review stating:

“Both the weathered bombast of Matador and the spiky, evil funk of Superhero are greeted like classics. Not only that, but the approach of Faith No More is still as confrontational as ever. Singer Mike Patton, as dry and sarcastic a frontman as you’ll ever see, goads the crowd throughout and the band veer from the swinging slide guitar of Evidence to the speed metal roar of Digging The Grave as if it’s the most natural thing in the world rather than the dizzying head fuck that it actually is.”

They also have a nice gallery from the show:

Faith No More history in Exclaim!

The Canadian music site Exclaim has put together one of the best band history articles we have read.

Spectrum Culture re-issues review

Mike Randall from Spectrum Culture has written a labour of love review of the Angel Dust and The Real Thing re-issues.

Evergig Roundhouse video

Evewrgig have updated with a selection of new Faith No More multicam Faith No More videos. Check out London Roundhouse from the 18 June:

2105, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 175): US chart preview, tour posters, win Sol Invictus

May 21st, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|7 Comments

US chart preview

US chart site Hits Daily Double estimates that Faith No More’s Sol Invictus will sell in the region of 21-24,000 copies in its first week of release with 22-25,000 for sales plus streaming. That would bring SI close to the first-week sales figures of 26,000 for Album of the Year. They estimate that Sol Invictus will only be the fifth best-selling of the new entries in the chart, therefore facing a battle for the top 10.

That said, Sol Invictus remains at number 3 on in CDs and MP3s and has hovered in an around the top 10 on iTunes all week.
Faith No More have only hit the US album chart top 10 once previously when Angel Dust debuted at number 10 in July 1992.

US tour posters on sale

Those wonderful posters from the Faith No More US tour shows are still on sale at Secret Serpents. They say: “Faith No More just wrapped up the first leg of their North American tour, and once again we curated the posters for the tour. The copies at the shows sold out VERY quickly, but we made sure we had some available to those who couldn’t make it. We have very few copies left of most of these, so don’t miss out!”

And Secret Serpents also say that there will be more posters from later US shows and the European tour on sale later in the year.

WIN Sol Invictus CD packs

Australian Guitar have teamed up with Mushroom Promotions, Reclamation Recordings and Ipecac Recording to offer three Faith No More packs to giveaway. Each pack contains a copy of Sol Invictus and an A2 album promo poster. CHECK IT OUT HERE.

New Evergig full concert

Evergig have another new multi-angle multi-cam knitted full concert video up on their site and below – Faith No More in Philadelphia on 15 May.

1405, 2015

CONCERT: Faith No More at Webster Hall New York night 1: setlist, poster, video etc

May 14th, 2015|Faith No More, News|2 Comments

Faith No More resumed their Sol Invictus tour as they returned to New York and treated the Webster Hall crowd to a set that included six songs from Sol Invictus.




By Tara McPherson
(via Inside the Rock Poster Frame)
The regular edition poster is signed & numbered edition of 115, there will be around 100 at the show signed by the band. There is also a variant edition of 20 that is not foil. Both posters will be available via Secret Serpents at 9:00 AM PDT on Saturday 16 May


(via @tbrandao)
Land of Sunshine
Sunny Side Up
Surprise! You’re Dead
Midlife Crisis
Last Cup of Sorrow
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Separation Anxiety
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes

Sol Invictus
As the Worm Turns
This Guy’s in Love with You

From the Dead

2304, 2015

Faith No More Links for a Day…(vol. 163): Wiltern reviews, videos and more

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First Wiltern review

Friend of the site Raymond Flotat and mxdwn have posted an in-depth review of last night’s opening night at the Wiltern.
Here are some extracts:

“That soon-to-be-released album Sol Invictus is a fresh take on the band’s genre-less sound, one that already boasts what could be considered three hit worthy singles. On the first night of a three-night stand in Los Angeles, the band expertly blended the best of the first part of their career and a slew of killer new tracks”

“The last of which, was the second encore and final song of the night. It was the first time ever that new song “Black Friday” was played live. This was unique for several reasons. First off, keyboardist Roddy Bottum played only acoustic guitar for this number. The song features mostly clean electric or acoustic segments, but then sporadically drops in distortion with a Patton howl intermittently for a few seconds at a time. Lastly, this might be the first song Faith No More has done in many years that will truly challenge their diehard fans (a feat far harder than it sounds given their affinity for eclectic music).”

“This could be the return of the badly needed pace car for all of forward thinking rock music everywhere. They are a challenging, uncompromising and constantly evolving champion that will stand high above a vast sea of cookie cutter banality. Hallelujah. Not a moment too soon.”

There are also some great photos:

And a second Wiltern review

And ArtistDirect have just posted a stellar review of their own.
Here’s the gist:

“Faith No More upheld their superhero status last night at The Wiltern in Los Angeles during the first of a three-show stand.”

“As evinced by elegantly catchy “Sunny Side Up,” the schizophrenically majestic percussive wallop of “Separation Anxiety,” and epic “Black Friday,” debuted live last night, the band pick up exactly where they left off—making intelligent, inimitable, and irresistible alternative music in the truest sense of the world. Boundaries got incinerated a long time ago when The Real Thing vaulted Faith No More to platinum status, and they’re still challenging themselves and literally everything around them. ”

“Patton sauntered center stage letting out the refrain with the kind of swagger and gusto of an iconic crooner who has an affinity for hypnotic heaviness. For the uninitiated, think Frank Sinatra with a Slayer shirt under the suit.”

Wiltern videos

Finally, there are some great videos surfacing of the opening night at the Wiltern. Here is our playlist:

New posters

As we showed in our earlier Wiltern post, Alan Forbes produced another Dr Doom poster for the show. The regular edition poster is signed & numbered of 115. There is also a sparkle foil variant edition of 20.  Both posters will be available via Secret Serpents at 9:00 AM PDT on 23 April.

(Via Inside the Rock Poster Frame)

Wiltern show live on Periscope

It seems that the Wiltern broadcast a portion of last night’s show on the Periscope platform (I think that this is a 2015 version of UStream and allows people to stream events via their smartphones). Did anyone see it?

Kerrang! cover uncovered

Daniel Boud, the photographer behind that iconic cover from the current issue of Kerrang! magazine, has posted a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot.

Portland review

We approach yet another Portland review with trepidation. Hmmm – not to promising so far, this one from Spectrum Culture:
“The sound might have been middling, all heavy bass drowning out Patton’s vocals, and guitarist Jon D. Hudson, who joined the group just before its 1998 breakup, seemed lost during some songs, but the audience didn’t give one fuck, shouting along to songs such as “Land of Sunshine,” “Caffeine” and “Evidence.””
And here comes his take on Patton: “As a performer, Patton remains an odd combination of a confrontational and darkly comic. When he pulled a woman up from the audience during a rendition of the Commodores’ “Easy,” he not only put his arm around her and swayed, but maybe crossed some lines by groping her and trying to kiss her on the way out. I’m sure her boyfriend, if she has one, was thrilled. No sarcasm.”
Again – I’ve watched the video here and there is nothing untoward going on. An affectionate stomach pat is not a grope and the kiss was a goodbye kiss.

Here’s the pay-off: “But as other patrons filed in wearing Motherfucker T-shirts, all of the lifelong fans at my table still coursed with excitement, that angry young man inside was raging and thrumming to the music that still speaks some sort of truth more than 20 years later.”





2004, 2015

Links for a Day (vol. 161)

April 20th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|1 Comment

LA full lineup confirmed

Faith No More and Koolarrow have today confirmed that Flattbush and Mexican Dubwiser will be the support acts for their 24 April shows at the Wiltern in Los Angeles.

Roddy interview

Roddy Bottum has given his latest interview to KQED though the article focuses more on the past than on the new album. But here’s the key takeaway:
“Turns out, it was a worthwhile dare. Sol Invictus is a true reinvigoration of the creative arc of Faith No More, a step forward that acknowledges what endures about their sound without clinging to what doesn’t. With its assured balance of multiple atmospheres and sonic ecosystems, it may be their best record since 1992’s seminal Angel Dust. It’s the intangible sound of a band that just works, unmediated aural chemistry. “There’s nothing worse than sounding like you’re trying too hard,” Bottum insists. “We’re pretty lucky that we were able to salvage our friendship and our creative relationship. I don’t know of anyone who gets to enjoy that opportunity.”

New posters

The top quality tour posters keep on coming. Artist Zoltron has produced the striking poster for the first Warfield show and explained the concept to Inside the Rock Poster Frame.
“A few years ago, during the Fukushima crisis, I made a poster for Devo at the Warfield in SF. It was part of the Firehouse/Goldenvoice series. The Japanese girl in the poster was called Sue Nami and somewhere along the way, she took on a life of her own.

Secret Serpents invited me to make a poster for Faith No More and I kept going back to this photo I took of Ruby and Molly, who dressed up as Sue Nami (and Katrina) for Halloween. I’ve been wanting to use them on a poster for years. The design itself is based on those distressed, hand printed, turn of the century, Japanese Matchbook designs.
Mauz at Monolith Press did a great job printing these. Very happy with how they turned out.”
As usual the poster will be on sale at Secret Serpents – at 9:00 AM (PST) on 23 April.

Meanwhile Guy Burwell produced the poster for the Portland how. It is already on sale at Secret Serpents

And the frankly stunning John Howard Seattle poster which FNM 2.0 has just ordered is also still on sale at Secret Serpents – complete with these Faith No More 3D glasses.

Gig reviews

The reviews for the Sol Invictus tour shows so far have been universally positive.
Rice and Bread on the Vancouver opener:
“A second, single-song encore of the last song on their new album, “From the Dead,” which Patton referred to as their “first ever hippy jam,” was a bold choice, ending the nearly two-hour set with class and enough confidence to hint that maybe Faith No More are really back for a second run of brilliance. Fingers and toes crossed. Oh, yes, as I hinted at earlier, the sound at the PNE Forum was absolute garbage. Only Faith No More could push through a wall of mud that thick. Fuck.”

Seattle Sound Live on the Seattle show
“Two songs that really showcased the groups diversity landed smack dab next to each other mid set. First in line was ‘Epic‘ which is probably, or arguably the most “Mainstream” Faith No More song out there followed by ‘Sunny Side Up’ off of their newest effort ‘Sol Invictus‘. You could not ask for a better compilation of songs. This was indisputably, far and away, one of the most unique and interesting setlists of the year thus far and it was that aspect of the show that only added to the bands momentous return to the stage that was 18 years in the making.”

On Tour Monthly on Seattle show
“A few more songs followed before they wrapped their 68-minute long set in the same fashion they had begun it: with a new song, namely, “Superhero”. With such a diverse palette, it has no trouble fitting into the Faith No More repertoire, even sounding like the classics of theirs do; and once it was all said and done, the entire band stayed on stage for a few moments, bowing and expressing their gratitude before taking their leave.”

Vote Faith No More

There may be election fever in the UK and lukewarm election warmth in the US but Faith No More needs your vote more than Call Me Dave, Gideon and the Clinton and Bush duopoly dynasty.
You can still vote for Faith No More in almost any category in the Kerrang! awards.
And you can vainly try to propel Faith No More above Babymetal in the Loudwire Most Anticipated Albums in May poll.

Album of the Year

Slovenian site Rock on Net has preemptively acclaimed Sol Invictus as the album of the year, making it the band’s second such album.

1704, 2015

Stunning new Faith No More Seattle poster revealed; Vancouver poster on sale

April 17th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|0 Comments

The guys at Inside the Rock Poster Frame have have just posted an update on the brilliant poster from John Howard for Faith No More’s show in Seattle last night.

The poster is real 3D and even comes with its own 3D glasses.  Here’s a quiote from the designer: “They asked me to make a 3D poster, so I picked up on the dog imagery that’s been associated with them. In this picture the dog has broken free and abandoned the city (corporations…) gone feral, and is ripping through the forest – alert, focused, and unconcerned with any other realm. To survive, don’t catch his eye.”

About 100 of these were on sale at the show and signed by the band. Artist Edition signed and numbered copies of the poster will be on sale 18 April at approximately 9:00 AM PDT at and artists signed posters will only be available from Secret Serpents.

And the Vancouver poster is current on sale over at Secret Serpents in two editions.

(via fnm4ever)

1902, 2015

Faith No More Links for a day…(vol. 146): Kirk Hammett love, Puffy speaks (again!), artwork, band pics

February 19th, 2015|Links for a day, News|0 Comments

Faith No More have moved on from their news-making trip to Tokyo and are heading to Australia seemingly via Singapore:

Meanwhile, last night on Twitter, KIRK HAMMETT, guitarist with  Metallica – another San Francisco-based rock band, again laid bare his admiration for Faith No More.

MIKE BORDIN is fast emerging as the face of Faith No More. The drummer – who sounds on his ferocious best form on new song Cone of Shame – has recorded a promo video for Yamaha Drums. And here it is:

(Hat tip to the always on The Holy Filament)

WE HAVEN’T had a stab at working out the lyrics for Cone of Shame but we will when we escape from work and from the fug of the worse dose of manflu in the history of humankind.
Here’s another video of the song debut by the way

But Rock Genius, a subsection of Genius, formerly known as Rap Genius, have their own Faith No More section up and running nicely and they have their version of Motherfucker up there already.
And we’ve just added a Cone of Shame page before we have a real crack at the lyrics:

And Motherfucker:

FAITH NO MORE have always inspired great ARTWORK and artist Luke Preece has created a wonderful interpretation of Angel Dust.

You can buy this wonderful print at his Etsy store.
And Luke also has an interesting insight into how the work was created on his blog.

1702, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 145) Faith No More Tokyo posters. set times, Finland day confirmed

February 17th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, Tour dates|0 Comments

Some quick links as the countdown continues to Faith No More’s return in Tokyo later today.

SECRET SERPENTS have the wonderful Tokyo show posters on sale.
There are two posters and a combined effort – all by Japanese manga artist Junko Mizuno.

FAITH NO MORE will be on stage at Studio Coast at 8.35 pm local time. That is 12.35 CET, 11.35 UK time, 03.35 PST, 0635 EST and 22.35 AEDT.
The band posted the details via Twitter.

AWAY FROM JAPAN and festival organisers have confirmed that Faith No More will play on the Saturday 27 June at the Provinssin festival in Finland.

1007, 2012

Faith No More Links for a day… (vol. 141): New merchandise

July 10th, 2012|Faith No More, Links for a day|1 Comment

  • © pedalja & svinovik
  • Danny De Vito does his trollfoot thing while on stage during Faith No More’s encore at Hammersmith on Sunday night:
  • Secret Serpents have a limited number of the new London posters for sale.
2306, 2011

Faith No More poster auction

June 23rd, 2011|Faith No More|10 Comments

Apologies for the lack of updates recently but normal service should be resumed shortly.
Faith No More have launched another auction on eBay for the American Red Cross of signed posters and the band have recently added: “Well, with 2 days to go, Puffy’s decided to sweeten the deal with a pair of his drumsticks, and he will personalize them any way that the winner wants…just sayin’….and also, for those who’ve bid, thank you!!”

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