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1305, 2015

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: From the Shred?: New Faith No More song surfaces; may be played on Jimmy Fallon

May 13th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Video vault|15 Comments

UPDATE: The band are suggesting that this song may get an airing on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon!

The release of Faith No More‘s comeback album Sol Invictus may still be days away, but already attention is turning to even newer music from the band. A song that does not feature on Sol Invictus was played at the band’s Amoeba in-store show at the of last year and we have the footage.

Possible titles are From the Shred, Surprise! You Shred; May the Shred Live and Shreds of the World.

The video immediately provokes the question – what the hell was that?

In recent interviews, the band have stated that they have 10-15 other tracks recorded but that they did not fit with the cohesive collection that is Sol Invictus. Could this be the post-SI direction that the band will focus on? Are Faith No More ready to rescue metal? Is this nu-nu-metal?


2104, 2015

Faith No More at Warfield night 2: setlist, videos, poster etc

April 21st, 2015|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|17 Comments

Faith No More played the second and final night of their residency at The Warfield in San Francisco and played a slight changed set and 17 songs in total.

(Poster by Alan Forbes – more here at Inside Rock Poster Frame)

Videos (13)

Now includes a great version of Sunny Side Up from lullysuv. More to follow


From Out of Nowhere
Sunny Side Up
Surprise You’re Dead
Midlife Crisis
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
King for a Day…
Ashes to Ashes

Sol Invictus
Digging the Grave
This Guy’s in Love with You
(via Thiago)

From Antoine C at the French Faith No More community

2004, 2015

Links for a Day (vol. 161)

April 20th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day, News|1 Comment

LA full lineup confirmed

Faith No More and Koolarrow have today confirmed that Flattbush and Mexican Dubwiser will be the support acts for their 24 April shows at the Wiltern in Los Angeles.

Roddy interview

Roddy Bottum has given his latest interview to KQED though the article focuses more on the past than on the new album. But here’s the key takeaway:
“Turns out, it was a worthwhile dare. Sol Invictus is a true reinvigoration of the creative arc of Faith No More, a step forward that acknowledges what endures about their sound without clinging to what doesn’t. With its assured balance of multiple atmospheres and sonic ecosystems, it may be their best record since 1992’s seminal Angel Dust. It’s the intangible sound of a band that just works, unmediated aural chemistry. “There’s nothing worse than sounding like you’re trying too hard,” Bottum insists. “We’re pretty lucky that we were able to salvage our friendship and our creative relationship. I don’t know of anyone who gets to enjoy that opportunity.”

New posters

The top quality tour posters keep on coming. Artist Zoltron has produced the striking poster for the first Warfield show and explained the concept to Inside the Rock Poster Frame.
“A few years ago, during the Fukushima crisis, I made a poster for Devo at the Warfield in SF. It was part of the Firehouse/Goldenvoice series. The Japanese girl in the poster was called Sue Nami and somewhere along the way, she took on a life of her own.

Secret Serpents invited me to make a poster for Faith No More and I kept going back to this photo I took of Ruby and Molly, who dressed up as Sue Nami (and Katrina) for Halloween. I’ve been wanting to use them on a poster for years. The design itself is based on those distressed, hand printed, turn of the century, Japanese Matchbook designs.
Mauz at Monolith Press did a great job printing these. Very happy with how they turned out.”
As usual the poster will be on sale at Secret Serpents – at 9:00 AM (PST) on 23 April.

Meanwhile Guy Burwell produced the poster for the Portland how. It is already on sale at Secret Serpents

And the frankly stunning John Howard Seattle poster which FNM 2.0 has just ordered is also still on sale at Secret Serpents – complete with these Faith No More 3D glasses.

Gig reviews

The reviews for the Sol Invictus tour shows so far have been universally positive.
Rice and Bread on the Vancouver opener:
“A second, single-song encore of the last song on their new album, “From the Dead,” which Patton referred to as their “first ever hippy jam,” was a bold choice, ending the nearly two-hour set with class and enough confidence to hint that maybe Faith No More are really back for a second run of brilliance. Fingers and toes crossed. Oh, yes, as I hinted at earlier, the sound at the PNE Forum was absolute garbage. Only Faith No More could push through a wall of mud that thick. Fuck.”

Seattle Sound Live on the Seattle show
“Two songs that really showcased the groups diversity landed smack dab next to each other mid set. First in line was ‘Epic‘ which is probably, or arguably the most “Mainstream” Faith No More song out there followed by ‘Sunny Side Up’ off of their newest effort ‘Sol Invictus‘. You could not ask for a better compilation of songs. This was indisputably, far and away, one of the most unique and interesting setlists of the year thus far and it was that aspect of the show that only added to the bands momentous return to the stage that was 18 years in the making.”

On Tour Monthly on Seattle show
“A few more songs followed before they wrapped their 68-minute long set in the same fashion they had begun it: with a new song, namely, “Superhero”. With such a diverse palette, it has no trouble fitting into the Faith No More repertoire, even sounding like the classics of theirs do; and once it was all said and done, the entire band stayed on stage for a few moments, bowing and expressing their gratitude before taking their leave.”

Vote Faith No More

There may be election fever in the UK and lukewarm election warmth in the US but Faith No More needs your vote more than Call Me Dave, Gideon and the Clinton and Bush duopoly dynasty.
You can still vote for Faith No More in almost any category in the Kerrang! awards.
And you can vainly try to propel Faith No More above Babymetal in the Loudwire Most Anticipated Albums in May poll.

Album of the Year

Slovenian site Rock on Net has preemptively acclaimed Sol Invictus as the album of the year, making it the band’s second such album.

2004, 2015

Faith No More at Warfield night 1 videos: From the Dead, Matador and more

April 20th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Video vault|16 Comments

We’ve put together a playlist of a selection of the very good videos on YouTube (mostly by lullysuv) from the Faith No More show at the Warfield last night. More to follow.

604, 2011

Bill Gould added to PIVIXKI/Patton bill

April 6th, 2011|News|1 Comment

Ipecac have just revealed that Bill Gould will be the opening act for the 18 May PIVIXKI/Patton date at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

Ipecac report: “We are very pleased to announce the opening act for the May 18th PIVIXKI/Patton show in San Francisco. It will be the debut live show of THE TALKING BOOK featuring Bill Gould (Faith No More, Kool Arrow) and Gigante Sound. This cool night got even cooler.”

1704, 2010

Links for a day…(vol. 55)

April 17th, 2010|Links for a day|8 Comments

  • Today is Record Store Day. Faith No More may not be releasing new music to mark the occasion like some other bands including Blur but Mike Patton has come out in support of the campaign. He said: “”I love indie record stores! My first job was working at a record store. While touring, I still always hit my favorite record stores. What is not to love about record stores? To be surrounded by millions of records, some that you know and love and others that are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Record stores are also a great social outing. You can meet and talk to other people that share your love for the art of music. The excitement of strolling the aisles of a cool record store will always excite me. It’s best to do it without knowing what you are looking for. I can spend hours in my favorite record store. Record stores are my candy shops!!!!”
  • From beyond the grave…What the official Michael Jackson website thinks of the Ben cover (in HQ below)

    (via Patton Archivo)
  • Our own Lusty gives her verdict on Faith No More at the Warfield.
  • And here is Hard Rock Chick’s review.

  • Raymond Ahner’s photos from the third Warfield show.
  • More of the same from Live Daily.
  • Umlaut’s jaded review. Sample quote: “FNM’s resurrection seems more about cashing in on nostalgia than anything else. Sorry, just being honest.”
  • Ozzy Osbourne’s 18-month tour will not impact on Faith No More as Puffy is no longer part of Ozzy’s band with Tommy Clufetos the current drummer.
  • Secret Serpents have some pics of Faith No More signing the Warfield posters.
1404, 2010

Faith No More make San Francisco return set list, video and more updated

April 14th, 2010|Faith No More|50 Comments

Roddy has just tweeted a majestic image from Jay Blakesberg (all rights reserved)

Faith No More have just finished their US return at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco.
They played four encores but there were no new songs or surprises in the set list.

San Jose Mercury

Sample quote: “They were sarcastic, loud, obnoxious, funky, fearless, smarmy, weird, aggressive, unique, ironic, inspirational, apathetic, long-winded and sincere. And that was just one show. That answers whether Faith No More is still Faith No More. After more than a decade away from its hometown, one of the most joyfully schizophrenic and occasionally frustrating bands in the universe kicked off the American phase of its mini-world tour Monday at the Warfield in San Francisco — the first of three sold-out shows.”

NBC Bay Arena
Sample quote: ““We’re trying to do some hometown s**t and its all a bunch of foreigners,” Patton admitted when he realized the huge out-of-town contingent in the audience…As the show came to a close around midnight, the band left things up in the air, with no plans of writing new material or playing again after this Faith No More 2.0 experiment expires.  We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Rolling Stone
Sample quote: “Faith No More’s members may now all be middle-aged, but they still keep their tunes loony.”

San Francisco Bay Area Concerts
Sample quote: “Incredibly, the band moved effortlessly between lounge-y ballads and thrash metal hardcore riffs. And at one point in the evening, mashing their early classic from 1987, ‘Chinese Arithmetic’ with Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface”.”

Lots of pics here already.

Set list
(exact order to be confirmed)
From out of Nowhere
Land of Sunshine
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Chinese Arithmetic (with Poker Face)
Cuckoo for Caca
Last Cup of Sorrow
Midlife Crisis
Surprise You’re Dead
Ashes to Ashes
King for a Day
Just a Man
This Guy’s in Love with You
Digging the Grave
We Care a Lot
Introduce Yourself

704, 2010

Faith No More at Warfield details and new poster

April 7th, 2010|Faith No More, News|21 Comments

Bill and Roddy have tweeted times and support act details for Faith No More’s opening US date at the Warfield in San Francisco next Monday, 12 April.

Neil Hamburger will MC
20.10: Pop-o-Pies
21.10: Trannyshack
22.00: Faith No More

We previously posted some Pop-o-Pies info here. More on Trannyshack later when I can safely trawl the web for scantily clad cross dressers.

Meanwhile, SF Weekly have a detailed preview of FNM’s live return to their native city. Sample quote: “No matter how much Faith No More may snark, or avoid answering questions — the members refused all interview requests — a reunion tour is equal parts triumph and surrender. Ultimately, that’s fine. Great music stays that way despite the context, be it reunion tours or beer commercials. Welcome back, Faith No More. How about a new album in 2011?”

And finally, Secret Serpents have details of the poster for the 13 April show by Frank Kozik.

We’ll have more Warfield details as they come and a Warfield retrospective later this week.

1002, 2010

Links for a day…(vol.46)

February 10th, 2010|Links for a day|4 Comments

  • There are still tickets on sale for the Faith No More gig a the Warfield, San Francisco on 12 April. Get your’s here.
  • The show times for FNM’s Sydney show on 22 February have been released by the Horden Pavilion:
    7.00 – Doors
    7.45 -8.30 – Eagles of Death Metal
    9.00-11.00 – Faith No More
  • Former Faith No More frontman Chuck Mosley plays a free show in Cleveland this Friday. More here.
  • Late with this as there is some debate over whether this really is a Patton Facebook page but the latest update is on Mondo Cane: “Mondo Cane is finally mastered! Whew! Now to get busy on the artwork. Soon, soon! Thank you for all recent the birthday wishes.”
  • Lost Angel Dust song (music starts around 44 seconds in)
702, 2010

Faith No More add third San Franciso show

February 7th, 2010|Faith No More, Tour dates|59 Comments

Billy and Roddy have just tweeted that Faith No More will play another show at the Warfield in San Francisco on 12 April after having already announced shows for the 13 and 14 April:

RODDYBOTTUM Hey!!! We’ve added a THIRD Warfield show! Monday the 12th, the third and final SF show. On sale now!

MRGOULD You know what? We’re adding a THIRD Warfield show: April 12!!!!

Tickets for the new show are on sale NOW.

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