2710, 2010

Slash and Mike Patton rumours

October 27th, 2010|Faith No More, News|39 Comments

Slash’s tweet the other day about Mike Patton only served to increase rather than dampen rumours that the Faith No More singer might take up the vacant Velvet Revolver front man spot.

Much as I would like to see some sort of collaboration between Slash and Mike at some stage (i.e after a new Faith No More album!), I really don’t see this happening. Why? Check out this interview with Mike from 2003 [actually an unpublished interview with a bunglefever forumite].
Here’s the relevant quotes:

Tell me about being approached by ‘The Project’?
Mike Patton: “Sorry?

The new band Slash and the other ex-Guns’N’Roses guys are putting together.
Mike Patton: “Did you just call it ‘The Project’?

That’s what they are calling it.
Mike Patton: “HAHAHAHA. That’s hilarious. It sounds much better than I’m sure it is. Er, well, I wasn’t really approached. I just got a phonecall from an ex-manager asking if I would be interested. Well, I wasn’t and that was about it. Not very exciting.

Why weren’t you interested?
Mike Patton: “Why do you think? You know. I think everyone else knows too, except them. Which is the funny part.

I hear they are now doing stuff with Scott Weiland.
Mike Patton: “I thought he was dead.

No, he’s alive. He’s just been arrested for cocaine possession again.
Mike Patton: “OK. Well this band will kill him off and do the world a favour. “

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