603, 2015

Faith No More Links for a Day…(vol. 153)

March 6th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day|3 Comments

Sydney full show

The guys at fnm4ever have put together a playlist of Faith No More’s full show at Soundwave Sydney (uploaded by Bootleg)

Two slices of Chuck

(Via Ben in Comments)
Excellent Chuck-era recording of Introduce Yourself at the Roxy.

And more recent  Chuck. Ericulation which is available to buy for $1.

Big in Poland

Faith No More’s three (p)releases continue to do well in Poland and some other territories. (Surely the Poles deserve an extra special show in Krakow in June?)


Sol Invictus Play

The album is now up for pre-order on Google Play. (Hat-tip:  )

403, 2015

Faith No More Links for a day…(vol. 151): New look, NZ reviews and some videos

March 4th, 2015|Faith No More, Links for a day|6 Comments

As you can probably see, we have a new look and feel- Hope you like it. The site may be a little unstable like its editor for a while but let us know if you notice any bigger bugs. (Big thanks to Alberto for his stellar work on this. We’ll give proper thanks later).

WestFest review

News from Faith No More’s last leg of their Japan/Aus/NZ tour has been a little scarce but the New Zealand Herald now has a review of the event. They say: “Crowds built in the evening as punters finished work for a powerful set by Faith No More, who performed on a stage decorated in thousands of dollars worth of flowers. New songs, like Motherf*****, showed they haven’t passed their use-by date just yet, but it was brooding, funk-tinged classics Epic and Last Cup of Sorrow that really bought back the ’90s.”

WestFest photos

UndertheRadar have a photo gallery and a review of sorts: “Faith No More blew minds with their white-drenched and flower-laden stage, not to mention phenomenal showmanship – despite a slightly loose set.”

Faith No More FB posts

It was a bit disturbing to learn that Roddy was forced into taking down his original post showing him and Judas Priest front man Rob Halford together at WestFest. I didn’t see the abusive comments myself but I would have thought FNM fans were above such presumably homophobic abuse.

And here is Mike p and Mike B with Kim Thayil of Soundgarden

Gold vinyl Sol Invictus

Friend of the site Violet has Instagrammed a photo showing a promo for a gold vinyl edition of Sol Invictus that will be an exclusive at Australian store JB Hi-Fi.

Here’s a photo from the site:

WestFest videos

Here is Get Out from WestFest

(still no Cone of Shame video)

Patton in the crowd

Here is another angle of Mike P going into the crowd at Soundwave Brisbane:

Superhero on 89 FM – A Rádio Rock

We were all getting very excited about this exclusive last week before it was superseded by BBC and Marvel but hereo goes for posterity sake’s:

Superhero cover

Kudos to David Nisoff who has uploaded the first Superhero guitar cover to YouTube:

Final tweet

And a a final tweet from New Zealand of Ben Fulton of Red Witch Pedals with Bill Gould and Jon Hudson.

103, 2015

Faith No More at Soundwave Brisbane setlist, videos, round-up

March 1st, 2015|Faith No More, News|9 Comments

Faith No More finished their Soundwave Australia jaunt with a stellar show in Brisbane – venue of Ireland’s latest World Cup win in cricket this week. Motherfucker, Superhero and Matador were on the set list as was Sprit in the encore.
Mike also went walkabout during Easy as you can see in the video below.

Easy walkabout

This Guy’s in Love…
(tilt your head)



Faith No More Setlist Soundwave Brisbane 2015 2015\



2802, 2015

Faith No More at Soundwave Sydney: set list, photos, videos etc

February 28th, 2015|Faith No More, News|16 Comments

Faith No More played a wonderful set Soundwave Sydney which includes two new songs and a welcome return for Zombie Eaters.

Set list


From Out of Nowhere
Get Out
Midlife Crisis
Zombie Eaters
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores cover)
Cuckoo for Caca
Ashes to Ashes


Digging the Grave
I Started a Joke
We Care a Lot 


Not all Faith No More fans are superannuated old farts. Proof here that they are attracting young fans like Kristo from Sydney who stuck it out in the pit all day to get front row for FNM. Cool banner, cool kid.






From Out of Nowhere


Midlife Crisis

We Swear a Lot

public service announcement: mike patton is god. #faithnomore #soundwave #mikepatton

A video posted by steve d (@sdrak) on


2702, 2015

Links for a day…(vol. 149): The Shocker, Rock in Rio date, Download sales

February 27th, 2015|Links for a day|0 Comments

One video that we missed from our SOUNDWAVE odds and ends compilation and no intro does it justice:

And another view (also from Sky Allison on YouTube) of the flower-eating incident:

Faith No More will play ROCK IN RIO on 25 September, with the exact date reported by a Brazilian journalist:

Day tickets for the DOWNLOAD festival have been on sale today. Faith No More play on Saturday 13 June.
Tickets here

2502, 2015

Faith No More: Sol Invictus songs live in 2015

February 25th, 2015|Faith No More, News, Video vault|2 Comments

Faith No More have now unleashed four of their 10-track Sol Invictus live – and playd all four in the past week in Japan and Australia.
Here they are:

Cone of Shame
The band have only played this new one once so far – on the second night in Tokyo.
The original YouTube video has already racked up over 100,000 views

Here are some other views

The band have now played forthcoming single Superhero – released on vinyl 10 March and digitally 17 March – seven times (more than Malpractice, World is Yours and Paths of Glory if you believe and since its live debut in Hyde Park last summer.
Here is video from friend of the site Shaun Noonan from Soundwave Melbourne!

And one from friend of the site and long-time Faith No More gig database guru anuassiemusicfan

And Adelaide

And Tokyo

Faith No More’s comeback single has now had six plays since it was first played in London last year.
Hwere is is from Adelaide

The first new song that the band played on the reunion tour back in Buenos Aires in November 2011, track 9 on the album has now been played nine times live. However, it has got only one outing so far in 2015 – at the Melbourne Soundwave.
Here is it as the first song of the encore:







2302, 2015

Faith No More at Soundwave first weekend reviews

February 23rd, 2015|Faith No More, News|3 Comments

The Australian media were universally positive about Faith No More’s headlining slots at the Adelaide and Melbourne Soundwave efstival shows last weekend.

Adelaide Now /Advertiser hit an understandably  elegiac tone as it reported on the final Adelaide Soundwave but that not prevent it from praising Faith No More: “Patton was as frantic as we’ve seen him with his spine tingling screams probably giving North Adelaide residents nightmares for the coming week. But there was one band who was genuinely scary on day one — a band whose guttural screams and powerful live show were matched by an equally menacing crowd.”

And The Music also had some high praise: “Patton, of course, was in full voice, as the band greeted its fans with Motherfucker. Hits like Evidence and the still-fittingly titled Epic came surprisingly early, but then, Faith No More have got more great songs than you might have remembered. From the thrash of Ashes To Ashes to their iconic cover of The Commodore’s Easy (still a staple on easy-listening stations the world over) this was undoubtedly the most varied and interesting set of the day. Unlike Cornell, Patton did submit to an encore, which included a treat for long-term fans in We Care A Lot.”

The Music review

The Music review

Metal Obsession give more of the same: “After opening with their new track, ‘Motherfucker’ the group blew the crowd away with an incredible one and half hour set. Mike Patton, though a man of few words had the audience hanging on to every note he sang. The man’s voice really is incredible and extremely diverse, he flawlessly nailed every note, scream and growl – much to audience’s appreciation. Everyone in the crowd sang along to the band’s staple tracks like ‘Epic’, ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’ and ‘Ashes To Ashes’ and moshed, crowd surfed and danced to hard-hitting tracks like ‘We Care A Lot’ and their new song ‘Superhero’. All in all it was an amazing performance, marred only slightly, once again by sound problems.”

Glamadelaide, meanwhile, reported: “Mike Patton was brilliant as usual, and served up hits like Epic, Last Cup Of Sorrow, Midlife Crisis, and of course Easy to the by now rock-weary crowd. They were a standout and sounded as awesome as ever.”

Moving on to Melbourne and Metal Hammer give Faith No More at 10/10 review, stating: “Patton seems determined to play the class clown tonight, and the only thing matching his impish self-regard is his ability to vocally soar as easily as most of us draw breath. Epic, Last Cup Of Sorrow, and Midlife Crisis – during which he pauses mid-song to break into a rousing, field-wide singalong of The Lion Sleeps Tonight – pass by like a roll-call of hits, an unsubtle reminder of just how immense their back-catalogue really is, and just how ambitious an attempt to follow it up must be. But it’s really that playful command of Patton’s that makes this show really shine, the drum-tight unity of the band.”

Metal Hammer review

Metal Hammer review

Leading Aussie papers The Age/Sydney Morning Herald shared reviewer was obviously under deadline pressure when they filed with Faith No More getting a perfunctory two lines: “Despite a spirited and accomplished performance, Faith No More closed the festival to an exhausted crowd, barely managing to raise their devil horns.”

Faster Louder, though, anointed Faith No More as the kings of the weekend in their Soundwave listicle: “At his charismatic best Patton proved the consummate frontman/comedian, ridiculing the Aussie accent during the audience sing-a-long of ‘Midlife Crisis’, launching into an impromptu cover of ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and discussing AFL tactics. If witnessing Faith No More bust out classics such as ‘Evidence’ and ‘Epic’ with the same vitality as their younger selves wasn’t special enough then getting a sneak peek of their new material certainly was. The back end of their set featured new songs ‘Superhero’ and ‘Matador’.

And Australian Musician were also singing from the same hymn sheet: “On stage, white curtains flowed in the breeze as Patton and co casually strolled onto a scene resembling an exotic day spa. The crowd was quickly removed from any meditative state as the band tore into ‘Motherfucker’. The first thing which smacks you in the face with Mike Patton … he with eternally mischievous look in his eyes … is that voice. The man has lost none of his power, particularly evident on the iconic ‘Epic’. The warped mind of Patton had great joy in instigating the ‘wimmoway’ backing from the crowd for a verse of the ultra-daggy ‘Lion Sleeps Tonight’ before more FNM hits came.”

Heavy magazine captured the tone perfectly in their min-review: “Mike Patton and Co. were on point from the outset, mixing in both the old and the new. Opener ‘Motherfucker,’ the single from their upcoming album, played out like a mantra as 20,000 people chanted the chorus across the showgrounds. However, undoubtedly the greatest moments were when the crowd was able to almost drown out Patton, as was seen in ‘Epic’ and ‘Midlife Crisis.’ Soundwave has a knack for facilitating special moments when its headliners grace the stage and this year it was no different. Faith No More are in a league of their own.”

And something different from s blog we’ve featured before. Touring Tim, an associate of the band from back in the day, pens his unique take on Faith No More at Soundwave: “This is the first FNM show I’ve passively watched. I’ve mixed well over 1,000 of their shows and it’s a strange feeling, not unlike seeing that ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend. Show over and I head to the backstage dressing room compound where some burly security guard grabs me and says, “no way mate”. Then I feel a kidney punch and before I know it I’m in a headlock; Patton has grabbed me and is dragging me into the dressing room while mocking the security guard.”

2302, 2015

Faith No More at Soundwave Melbourne other videos: All about the Bass; Patton eats; Lion Sleeps Tonight; Patton hosed

February 23rd, 2015|News, Video vault|4 Comments

Faith No More were on top form both musically and as pure performers at Melbourne’s Soundwave show on Sunday. The band – perhaps liberated by finishing their comeback album Sol Invictus – were in spectacular form, even exceeding their impish best.
Here, culled once more from the work of Youtubers to which we are eternally grateful (sorry Roddy for encouraging filming at gigs!) is a collection of the more alternative moments on stage.

Mike Patton sings All About the Bass
Faith No More have always interjected slices of contemporary pop into their live sets (Technotronic and New Kids on the Block back in the day and Lily Allen and Lady Gaga more recently) so this quick reprise of the Meghan Trainor hit was no surprise. I suspect there may be a longer snippet of this out there.

Mike Patton eats into the camera
Mike often has fun with camera operators at gigs and has been known to eat the set decoration (not to mention regurgitate shoelaces) so here he is eating what may or may not be flowers.

Faith No More perform Lion Sleeps Tonight
The band always add something in the pause in Midlife Crisis (Sir Duke, Popcorn, Eastenders theme to name just three) and on Sunday it was the Solomon Linda/Tokens/Tight Fit classic The Lions Sleeps Tonight.

Mike Patton get’s squirt gun facial
Let’s just say it was very hot and leave it there.

Jon Hudson revealed as baby of the band
Some lively pre-Superhero chat



2202, 2015

Faith No More at Soundwave Melbourne set list, photos, etc

February 22nd, 2015|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|5 Comments

Faith No More rocked a sensational and loud – audible 7km away – set at Soundwave Melbourne.
Their set list included Matador and As the Worm Turned in the encore.
(Set list photo from friend of site Gerry LaFerla)

Mike P sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight during Midlife Crisis

And a playlist

Set list:
From Out of Nowhere
Get Out
Midlife Crisis
Everything’s Ruined
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Cuckoo for Caca
King for a Day…
Ashes to Ashes

I Started a Joke
As the Worm Turns


Some Instagram videos (thanks for sharing)

My lover ❤️ #motherfucker #faithnomore #mikepatton #future #husband

A video posted by Emm Annzig (@emzime) on

Only the love of my life #mikepatton #faithnomore #evidence

A video posted by Emm Annzig (@emzime) on

Mike Patton flower eating
(Thanks for sharing and to @mariadollyfnm) for tip)

Mike Patton having a snack during Easy! Lol! #Soundwave #melbourne

A photo posted by Justine Battistella (@juzybatt) on

Full Music Feeds gallery here

2202, 2015

More Faith No More at Soundwave Adelaide videos

February 22nd, 2015|Faith No More, News, Video vault|0 Comments

The good, the ones with fans singing out of key and the rest of the fan-shot videos of Faith No More’s hot, hot Adelaide Soundwave show. In one handy playlist.

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