2704, 2018

ON THIS DAY: Faith No More play Hammersmith 1990 full audio

April 27th, 2018|Faith No More|16 Comments

Faith No More played the Hammersmith Odeon on the 27 April 1990, on the first of two career-defining nights in London. It was the band’s fourth UK tour in the space on 10 months, and they were at the peak of their popularity and power. They would play Brixton Academy, where You Fat Bastards was filmed, the following night, playing to almost 9,000 people in London over two nights.

Here is audio of the Hammersmith show:

[archiveorg 19900427FaithNoMore-HammersmithOdeonLondonEngland width=640 height=140 frameborder=0 webkitallowfullscreen=true mozallowfullscreen=true]

And, of course, you can read all about this historic tour in the Faith No More biography Small Victories, available for pre-order now.


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2809, 2016

Chuck Mosley tour update and and Irish radio interview

September 28th, 2016|Faith No More, News, Tour dates|0 Comments

Douglas Esper has given us an update on how the Chuck Mosley European tour is progressing. The band played Chester last night and play in the midlands in Cannock tonight.

Hello from Cannock! Chuck, Andy, and I just arrived in town and we are taking advantage of the local ASDA for two free hours of parking. Last night in Chester was a fun gig. Chuck actually read my setlist and played a few chunks of songs like, Sleep by Cement, and Punk Rock Movie by VUA. As a big fan of the song Sleep I hope to see it in the set at some point. The U.K. has been a blast and the people have treated us very well, but a quick note: crowds, please don’t the shy! Sing along! We love it and feed off of it (ask Edinburgh). We have 18 shows on this leg left and we hope to see you at the shows!


Chuck Mosley interview with Irish radio

Meanwhile, Irish radio station Newstalk continued their series of interviews and features on the We Care a Lot as presenter and seeming uber-fan Joe Donnelly speaks to Chuck about WCAL and early Faith No More .

Listen below:

2609, 2016

Chuck Mosley European tour update

September 26th, 2016|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

Chuck Mosley’s UK and European tour is now well underway – and early dates in the England and Scotland have earned wide acclaim on social media.

27th Live Rooms Chester
28th The Station Cannock
29th Fuel Cardiff
30th The Bierkeller Bristol

1st Sanctuary Basingstoke
2nd Cobblestones Bridgewater
3rd The Underground Stoke on Trent
4th The Flapper Birmingham
5th Underground Bradford
6th The Victoria Swindon (support from Phil Cooper)
7th The Anvil Bournemouth
8th Crauford Arms Milton Keynes
9th Hairy Dog Derby
10th Boston Music Rooms Tuffnell Park, London
11th Bootleg Social, Blackpool
12th Star & Garter Manchester
13th The Owl Sanctuary Norwich
14th The Lady Luck Canterbury
15th La Mecanique Ondulatoire Paris, France


And here is some video from Chuck’s shows

Check out the remaining dates below.



2009, 2016

CHART UPDATE: King for a Day… in Billboard top 200 sales, UK rock and vinyl charts

September 20th, 2016|Faith No More, News|1 Comment

Faith No More’s King for a Day…Fool for a Lifetime re-release has made some chart impact in both sides of the Atlantic.

While the record misses out on a return to the US Billboard 200 album charts (where is peaked at 31 in April 1995), it is listed at number 195 in the Billboard Top Album Sales 200 with sales of 1447.

Meanwhile in the Official UK charts, KFAD features at:
Number 12 in the UK Rock Albums Chart
Number 32 in the UK Vinyl Chart

And We Care a Lot entered the Billboard Catalog chart at 32 on the week of its release. It also failed to reach the Billboard 200, which monitors streaming and downloads as well as pure sales, but did peak at 129 in the Billboard album sales charts with sales of 2271 in its first week.

Deluxe editions of ‘King For A Day’ and ‘Album Of The Year’ available now, each including brand new remasters of the original album along with a load of rarities + B sides. Available as 2CD, 2x 180g LP and on iTunes + streaming.

Get copies here:

2608, 2016

Faith No More We Care a Lot in top 100 in UK album chart midweeks

August 26th, 2016|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

The Official UK charts will be announced later today and the deluxe band issue of Faith No More’s We Care a Lot seems set to feature after it appeared at number 84 in the midweek chart.



2408, 2016

Chuck Mosley UK tour and new music

August 24th, 2016|News|4 Comments

Chuck Mosley firmly reclaimed his position as a key figure in the Faith No More story this month as he again fronted the band in two shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles as the re-mastered and re-mixed We Care a Lot hit stores and streams.

Chuck is also working on new music of his own and he also features on the new Indoria record alongside Douglas Esper among others.

You can listen to Indoria’s You’ll Never Make The Six here.

Pre-order here

The record will be released in the UK on the Infinite Hive label. That release will feature exclusive remixes and artwork for the UK CD on Infinite Hive by some of Chuck’s old friends and colleagues and will be available in late September in time for Chuck’s extensive UK tour, which kicks off in Cambridge on 18 September.

1308, 2016

INTERVIEW: Owen Dawson answers our questions on answering questions on Faith No More on Mastermind

August 13th, 2016|Faith No More, Interviews, News|3 Comments

Owen Dawson did all Faith No More fans proud last night (well actually in May when the episode was recorded) when he answered questions on Faith No More as his specialist subject on BBC’s iconic Mastermind quiz.

[Spolier alert] Owen – who is Curriculum Manager: English & Maths at Barnet and Southgate College – fared very well, scoring 11 on Faith No More in a minute, passing on one question and missing two despite being under the intense pressure of the chair, lights and studio audience plus millions watching at home.

And here he is

UK viewers can watch the full episode here

And, realising how good he is at answering questions, we tracked him down for a quick interview in co-operation with Jim from Faith No More Followers.

Did you make it through? That score would win most episodes!
When did you apply?
When did the recording take place?

I haven’t been told if I made it through to the semi final yet. Here’s hoping! I had to sign some very official looking forms saying I wouldn’t discuss the Mastermind process, so I can’t say too much about the application or the show I’m afraid. I can say that it was recorded in May in the BBC’s Media City complex in Salford. I haven’t actually seen the episode as I am currently in Greece on holiday and can’t access the BBC iplayer to watch it!

Was Faith No More your first choice of subject?

I had to submit three subjects – again, I’m not allowed to be specific, but the other two were more ‘academic.’ I was stumped for a third subject and put down FNM for the sake of completion as much as anything. To my great surprise, the Mastermind people suggested I should do it. Which was fine by me!

How did you prepare?

I had read Stefan Chirazi’s “Faith No More: The Real Story” many years ago, so I re-read it. I also bought Greg Prato’s “The Faith No More and Mr. Bungle Companion” which took things up to around 1999, and of course Allmusic was good for the more technical discography stuff.
As well as the aforementioned sources, I am lucky enough to count David Fox of Valentine Records, Manchester, as my oldest friend. We got into FNM together as youngsters and he set me a fiendishly difficult quiz which I didn’t do too well in. It was useful because I think I had got over confident at that stage, thinking as long as I knew the discography I would find it easy. David’s quiz soon brought me down a peg and forced me to widen my research and not neglect the band’s story in favour of just the music.

How intimidating is it sitting in the chair?

The chair itself is really not intimidating at all. It’s a rather run of the mill, standard office type chair, not the big black imposing interrogation seat that one associates with Mastermind. But the music…when you hear those first few bars of ‘Approaching Menace’ that’s when the nerves start jangling.

What score were you aiming and hoping for in FNM round and overall?

I had no pre-conceived points target for either round. The only target I set myself was not to finish last.

Are FNM your favourite band?

Yes, FNM are without doubt my favourite band and have been for nearly 25 years. I’m a big fan of other bands like Therapy? Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Anthrax, but FNM take it to another level in terms of their inventiveness and their embracing of so many genres.

Have you seen them live? If so, what’s your favourite gig?

Funnily enough, I am not a huge fan of live music in general and don’t go to that many gigs. I have only ever seen FNM once, back in 2010 at Brixton Academy. It was amazing. Patton in his pink suit crooning Peaches and Herb’s ‘Reunited’ with Roddy…wonderful.

And favourite album?

My favourite album is ‘Angel Dust.’ FNM haven’t made a bad record, but ‘Angel Dust’ stands out for so many reasons. After ‘The Real Thing’ it would have been so easy to just reproduce that poppy, breezy vibe, and had they done so, it would have been terrific. But they chose to go down the route of eclecticism and make their fans work to understand the album and for that, they deserve great respect. I think it’s a majestic album; it brims with confidence and originality. And whilst ‘The Real Thing’ has – understandably ‘- dated to an extent, ‘Angel Dust’ still sounds fresh and original nearly 25 years on. That is some achievement.

What is it about FNM you love enough to take your knowledge to this level?

I have always disliked genres and have always greatly admired those who are not afraid to either experiment with genre or smash it down completely. You can get the same rush from a soul ballad as you can from a thrash metal track. LL Cool J was a pioneer in that respect, as were Run DMC, Aerosmith, Anthrax, Public Enemy etc. But I don’t think there has ever been another band that has so successfully made genre irrelevant as FNM. Just look at ‘King for a Day…” how can one band have ‘Evidence,’ ‘Digging the Grave’ and ‘Just A Man’ on the same record? But that’s what FNM have always done and it’s wonderful. Of course, a lot of that is down to Patton’s extraordinary vocal skills, but that willingness to jump between genres is present on all of their records since ‘Introduce Yourself.’ I guess in personal terms, FNM has been the soundtrack to my life in many ways. Exam results, teenage crushes, university, first job, first car, marriage…FNM have been playing in the background during all of these milestones. Their music is kind of part of who I am.

Why do you think FNM have such dedicated fans in the UK?

I guess British music fans know quality when they see it. The UK loves originality – it did produce The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bowie, Depeche Mode, Bow Wow Wow, Talk Talk…the list goes on. So when a band like FNM shows up in London, they’re going to be noticed. They are also not overtly American in a way that perhaps the Chilli Peppers are. Their music has strong British and European overtones which connect neatly with the UK listener base. You can see the punk influence in many tracks for example.

1108, 2016

Faith No More to be specialist subject on BBC Mastermind quiz show

August 11th, 2016|Faith No More, News|0 Comments

Faith No More will be one contestant’s specialist subject on the iconic BBC quiz show Mastermind, to be broadcast on Friday night, 12 August on BBC Two at 19.30 UK time.

Mastermind has been broadcast by the BBC since 1972 and features four contestants. Each chooses a specialist subject and has to answer as many questions on it  in the space of one minutes while perched on the show’s famous black leather chair while under a harsh spotlight. The contestants then face a further round of general knowledge questions.

The episode will be available to watch on demand on BBC’s iPlayer here (UK only)

We’ve no idea what the questions will be but expect some on Passes to Passes, I Started A Joke So I’ll Finish and Falling to Passes

Here is a previous episode featuring questions on Metallica

Here is the late, great comedy duo The Two Ronnies sending up the series

And here is Faith No More’s own Mike Bordin on the somewhat less highbrow Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Hat-tip Jim and Faith No More Followers

2307, 2015

INTERVIEW: Faith No More career-spanning interview in The Guardian

July 23rd, 2015|Faith No More, Interviews, News|8 Comments

Finally, the big Guardian interview I hoped for in May has come in July. 

The band reflected on their career with Dorian Lynskey in the UK-based paper.

Here are some choice cuts:

Roddy Bottum:

“I think we accomplished what we need  to accomplish. If we all died today I think we would have done a good job.”

“Doing what we’re doing now makes all of that work we did then a lot more validating,” Gould agrees. “We came back and we made it better. If that’s the only lesson we learned, that’s a good lesson.”

1207, 2015

VIDEO: Faith No More BBC Radio 1 Rock Show session

July 12th, 2015|Faith No More, News|43 Comments

Faith No More played 5 songs from their recent Maida Vale session on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show on Sunday night.

Here is the full show:

The show featured:

Separation Anxiety
Sunny Side Up
This Guy’s in Love with You

Here’s Superhero

Watch the full performance here

(UK only)

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