1309, 2012

Faith No More with Trey Spruance at Maquinaria 2011 pro-shot

September 13th, 2012|Faith No More, Video vault|10 Comments

Faith No More featuring their former guitarist Trey Spruance perform Just a Man at their appearance last year at the Maquinaria festival in Chile.
(via Khp in Comments)

1008, 2012

UPDATED: Faith No More at Belgrade Calling: FULL pro-shot concert video from Studio B

August 10th, 2012|Faith No More, Video vault|11 Comments


This was a great show and its wonderful to finally have at least 22 minutes of pro-shot TV footage of Faith No More‘s Belgrade Calling appearance, which took place on 28 June.

Part 2

Part 3

Matador starts at 18.40

Part 4

Matador continues at start

via Claus in comments and   on YouTube


* Had never quite noticed before how different Jon’s guitar sounds on Land of Sunshine.

1607, 2012

Faith No More King for a Day at Belgrade Calling pro-shot video

July 16th, 2012|Faith No More, News, Video vault|2 Comments

As mentioned in Comments by Crack Hitler and via fnm4ever, here is professional video footage of Faith No More performing King for a Day at the Belgrade Calling festival. It seems this song was shown live on TV in Serbia.

1607, 2012

Faith No More at Brixton Academy 2012 multicam videos

July 16th, 2012|Faith No More, News, Video vault|10 Comments

Here’s Gill’s expertly edited multicam videos from Brixton in one playlist.

[youlist pid=”PL61F6C58A3CBD114D”]

As he explains: “This is a video I made from the fan footage uploaded to YouTube, I plan to do this for the entire concert if possible and I hope that you enjoy it.  All audio taken from the videos by user burntoutttt. All video footage, not just for this video, that I have used is by the following users (in alphabetical order).
Alejandra Sivori

1007, 2012

Faith No More: Niggas in Paris

July 10th, 2012|Faith No More, News|9 Comments

Faith No More have always been fans of the within-song-cover and have added Niggas in Paris, originally by Jay-Z and Kanye West, to their repertoire for their 2012 European tour.

The cover  has now become a staple within Why Do You Bother?, which has been playe 5 times on the current tour.

Here is a standalone clip of Niggas in Paris (I’m presuming this is from Hammersmith but am open to correction):

Here is the song within Why Do You Bother? from Hammersmith (good quality audio):

And the same song combo from Poznan:

Oh, and here’s the original for those – like me – who didn’t know it when they heard it being covered:

1402, 2012

Faith No More on Buzz TV Australia on 1997

February 14th, 2012|News|0 Comments

And another one – Mike B and Billy interviewed on Australian TV in October 1997.

1402, 2012

Faith No More on Australian TV in April 1993

February 14th, 2012|News|4 Comments

YouTube user ShitifoundonVHS has uplaoded some old Aussie TV videos on the site and here is one we haven’t seen before – Faith No More performing Easy on Tonight Live in April 1993.

2012, 2011

Mike Patton sings early Faith No More songs

December 20th, 2011|Faith No More, Video vault|7 Comments

As you know from the Comments, some rare early live versions of Faith No More with Mike Patton freshly installed as new vocalist performing tracks recorded with Chuck Mosley have just surfaced on YouTube.
And here they are for your listening pleasure:
Faster Disco



Via Wacke666 on YouTube

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2110, 2011

The Integra Angel Dust tour 1992 video vault special

October 21st, 2011|Video vault|6 Comments

All videos via Integra in Comments and all from the Angel Dust tour in  1992

The one with the Ween cover at the start

Two more from a different gig in Sverige on the same tour in 1992.

The one with Billy’s one-note bass solo from St Louis in 1992

2607, 2011

Faith No More Live at Download 2009 full concert

July 26th, 2011|Video vault|7 Comments

The good people at plucky internet start-up YouTube are now allowing long-length video clips and a top-quality clip of the whole Faith No More show at the Download Festival in 2009 – the show that kick-started their reunion if not their first comeback show – is now available.
Or check it here in wonderful embedded form:

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