702, 2010

Faith No More Angel Dust sessions video

February 7th, 2010|News|4 Comments

Courtesy of a a very welcome message from Simon in the comments, I have been alerted to the existence of the superb YouTube channel.

The channel features the essential MTV Angel Dust sessions video, an education for FNM fans of course but also for music fans in general on the studio workings of a band on the up. Enjoy Jim in his prime, Billy the musical director, Mike P on guitar, Puffy relaxing, Roddy being kept very busy and the major v minor battle in this seminal 12-part series.

Link fixed. Thanks for pointing it out.

2701, 2010

Happy Birthday Mike Patton (Part 2: videography)

January 27th, 2010|News|2 Comments

Here goes for Part 2 of our Mike Patton tribute.

Very early Mr. Bungle (1985)

Earliest online video of Mike performing with Faith No More (March 1989)

More from the same gig

Earliest found Mike interview (actually a group interview) (1989)

I used to watch Raw Power as a kid so had to include this

And a great one (part 1 of 3) from 1991

The last FNM 1.0 show

Other projects: Fantomas

Other projects: Tomahawk

Other projects; Mondo Cane

Other projects: Peeping Tom

Reunited Brixton 2009

The return: too old for this shit?

Just plain wrong

1801, 2010

Video vault: Faith No More Rock in Rio full concert

January 18th, 2010|Video vault|0 Comments

As a reward for sticking with me through the reboot and acknowledging that I have still to update the old video files, here is a treat that I stumbled across via Twitter.

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